August 18, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein's Attorneys Are 'Not Satisfied' With Autopsy And Plan To Launch An Independent Investigation

The curious death of convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was ruled a suicide Friday by the chief medical examiner of New York City, Barbara Sampson, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Despite the ruling, Fox News reports that Epstein's lawyers are "not satisfied" with the results of the autopsy, which will no doubt fuel speculation that the disgraced financier was actually murdered.

Epstein's attorneys — Martin Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller — reportedly plan to conduct their own investigation into the circumstances around his death.

"First, no one should die in jail. And no one, not Mr. Epstein who was presumed innocent and had violated no prison disciplinary rule, and not anyone should be imprisoned under the harsh, even medieval conditions at the MCC where Mr. Epstein spent his final hours," they said in a statement. "His safety was the responsibility of the MCC. It is indisputable that the authorities violated their own protocols."

"We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner," they added. "We will have a more complete response in the coming days."

The team claims that their investigation is going to attempt to obtain the video footage of the area around Epstein's cell before his death — if it exists.

The New York Times reports that Epstein's death is the subject of four federal investigations, including by the FBI and Justice Department's inspector general.

After the autopsy of Epstein and before Sampson concluded the death was suicide, reports leaked that the results showed a broken hyoid bone that suggested strangulation could be a possible cause of death. Although Sampson and experts highlighted that broken bones are consistent with hanging in older men, they haven't stopped conspiracy theories that point to murder.

Per The Inquisitr, attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represented victims of Epstein, the billionaire wasn't the type to take his own life.

"I am still not convinced that ultimately he took his own life," he said, per Newsweek, adding that Epstein was a vain, intelligent man that always defended the life he chose to live despite evidence against him.

But The New York Times reports that in his final days, Epstein wasn't keeping himself properly washed, his hair and beard were a mess, and he chose to sleep on the floor of his cell instead of his bunk. The Metropolitan Correctional Center was also reportedly poorly managed and so short-staffed that some workers who weren't correctional officers were forced to work guard duty.

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