August 18, 2019
Gabrielle Union Flashes Killer Body In Electric Yellow Romper

Gabrielle Union is a muscle machine. The America's Got Talent judge took to her Instagram stories with some workout videos just yesterday, although she did post an image of herself after her grueling sweat session. The 46-year-old seems to have one of those bodies that defy age, with every social media update from Gabrielle proving that's the case.

On Saturday, Gabrielle took to her Instagram Stories with a simple snapshot. The selfie showed the mother-of-one rocking an electric yellow romper with a bottom part that resembled a pair of shorts. The one-piece had an upscale look from accentuated shoulder and ruched designs, although the feel was light-hearted and fun. Gabrielle's super-long and toned legs were on show, with fans also seeing the star's strong forearms and slim waistline. Her plunging neckline was sexy but it steered towards conservative, with very little of the L.A. Finest actress' cleavage on show.

Gabrielle smiled for her photo with a face that seemed relatively makeup-free, and her hair tied well back from her face. The star had opted out of any fancy accessories, with simple white sneakers being the only addition.

The text accompanying Gabrielle's story confirmed that her romper was made by New York & Company. It also encouraged fans to "swipe up" and purchase it.

Gabrielle seems to have enjoyed a major career boost in recent years. The actress has been onscreen for a while, although her early days on popular sitcom Friends seem a million miles off. Fans of the NBC series will remember Union playing a New Yorker who'd moved across town – of course, her Kirsten Lang character quickly crossed paths with Ross Geller (played by David Schwimmer) and Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc). Kirsten wound up awkwardly dating both of the show's main male faces, with fans loving the storyline.Friends was the past, though. As a major reality judge and actress, Gabrielle now commands audiences by virtue of starring in roles, as opposed to being the side-kick. Of course, there is also major interest in how Gabrielle looks so good for her age.

Speaking to Shape about her active lifestyle, Gabrielle mentioned her former NBA player spouse while admitting that she doesn't always train.

"I wish I could say I'm that person who works out while traveling. My husband [Dwyane Wade] is and he is always like 'Why are you packing workout clothes, you never come and work out with me?' And probably once during every vacation I will work out and that will be it. I sleep right through his alarm clock that gets his *ss up and into the gym. It's vacation, you know?"
Clearly, this is one celebrity who is blessed from above.