August 18, 2019
Nude Photos Of Marilyn Monroe's Corpse Taken Just After Her Death Have Been Hidden

Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, but she is still capable of making headlines over 50 years later now that photos of her dead body have been confirmed, taken soon after she died at the morgue.

The Daily Mail shared photos taken by Leigh Wiener when he bribed his way into the Los Angeles morgue hours after the starlet's death. Weiner, a professional photographer, took three rolls of film, and hid two of them in a safe-deposit box for decades, prior to his death in 1993.

Devik Wiener, the son of the photographer, reveals that his father bribed his way into the coroner's quarters just hours after Monroe was found dead in her bed in August of 1962.

"It wasn't the first time he utilized a couple of bottles of scotch to get into an area that was off limits. He offered a drink to a couple of the guys, and the next thing you know he was in the back," Wiener explained.

One roll made its way to LIFE magazine, but the more scandalous photos remained on the rolls of film hidden away. The pictures made public had Monroe with a toe tag, and her wrapped corpse on the stretcher, but Wiener had also taken nudes of the pinup queen and actress.

Devik Wiener reveals that his father processed the nude photos of Monroe at home in secret, saying that he didn't think they were for public consumption.
"The last two rolls, which contained imagery beyond just the toe tag, he took back to his own studio and claims to have processed, examined, and then very quickly put into a safe-deposit box."
The son of the famed photographer says that the mystery died with his father, as he passed away never revealing where the photos were hidden. If the photos were ever located, they would sell for a high price, according to experts.

To this day, even items belonging to the actress still fetch a tidy sum, reveals The Inquisitr. In 2018, a Jewish prayer book, called a siddur, went up for auction. The book commemorated her conversion to Judaism when she married The Crucible playwright Arthur Miller.

The book, which had been in Miller's family since 1922, went up for auction with a starting bid of $4,600. Rabbi Robert Goldburg of Congregation Mishkan Israel in New Haven, Connecticut, where Miller lived until his death in 2005, oversaw Monroe's conversion to Judaism and officiated at the couple's Jewish wedding days after their civil ceremony.

He says that Monroe was committed to her studies.

"Marilyn was not an intellectual person, but she was sincere in her desire to learn," the rabbi said.