July 7, 2019
Canadian Electronic Artist Peaches Is Set To Play Europe 3 Years After Taylor Swift Controversy

Remember Peaches?

The last time the Canadian electronic artist came up in the mainstream music world was in 2017 after the release of Taylor Swift's song "Look What You Made Me Do" from her last album, Reputation.

The song samples from I'm Too Sexy were by Right Said Fred. The English band rightfully received credit on the album. However, some sources pointed out that the song also sounds suspiciously like Peaches' "Operate" from her album Fatherf**ker.

Unlike Right Said Fred, Peaches was not credited. Still, the similarity between the two songs is so pronounced that even Genius claims Taylor Swift sampled the song, according to AltPress.

At the time, some people expressed anger on Twitter, as witnessed in the post below.

However, Peaches never made any kind of searchable public response to the similarity, and since then, fans haven't heard much about or from her. Her last album, RUB, debuted in 2015.

In 2018, she was featured on The Guardian's Start podcast where the sometimes controversial artist revealed how she came to be known as Peaches.

Peaches, whose real name is Merrill Nisker, was born in Canada to a Jewish family. The 52-year-old musician was involved in several bands throughout her life, including a folk trio and a rock band. After her band The Sh*t disbanded, she found love in the form of a Roland keyboard.

"I went into a music shop and saw this Roland keyboard on display. I put the headphones on and started playing. I realized that with this machine, I could be every instrument I wanted to be. So I bought it."
At that point, Nisker had been recovering from thyroid cancer as well as a break-up. Experimenting with her Roland, she eventually came out with her debut electronic album in 2000, "The Teaches of Peaches."

Her music was loud and edgy, with the unforgettable "F**k the Pain Away" undoubtedly taking center stage.

Peaches enjoyed messing around with norms surrounding gender, sexuality, and objectification, coining her own term for a particular part of the female anatomy in her song "Diddle my Skittle"-- "because," she said, "there are so many words for a guy's genitalia… I tried to focus on a woman doing the objectifying."

Since her debut, Peaches has continued to push boundaries and defy conventions of gender both in her performances and her music. She received acclaim and had her music featured in several movies and TV shows, including the cult classic, Mean Girls, per Bustle.

Peaches croons Tina Turner's song 'Private Dancer'
Getty Images | Adam Berry

So what has she been up to these days?

Peaches performed at Samantha Bee's "Not The White House's Correspondents Dinner" in 2017, but more recently she's been doing more with her music across the pond.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of her debut on stage, Peaches will be performing a showcase of all her best music called "There's Only One Peach With a Hole in the Middle" in Europe, starting with the Summer Festival in Hamburg, Germany on August 8th, with additional performances in London and Aarhus, Denmark on August 28th and the 30th & 31st, respectively.