July 7, 2019
Britney Spears Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

Britney Spears has been very active on social media lately, and one of her latest posts sparked rumors that the singer could be pregnant with her third child.

Over the weekend, Britney Spears posted a gorgeous photo of three pink roses on her Instagram account. Fans immediately began to wonder if the photo had a special meaning, and some even believed that the singer could be hinting that she's pregnant with her third baby.

As many fans already know, Britney is already the mother of two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, whom she shares with her former husband, Kevin Federline.

However, Spears has been in a serious relationship with boyfriend, Sam Asghari, for a couple of years now, and some fans can't help but think the pair may be expecting a new little bundle of joy together.

"Third child..." one of Britney's social media followers wrote in the comment section of the photo, which some fans thought hinted at Spears bringing child number three into the world.

"She's pregnant," another one of Britney's followers stated.

"pregnant," another fan agreed, adding an emoji of a pregnant woman to the comment.

"Are you pregnant?" one fan asked.

"OMG...are u pregnant?" another follower echoed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Britney Spears recently took some heat online for claiming that the paparazzi may be altering photos of her.

Britney told her followers in an Instagram video that shots the paparazzi took of her made her look much heavier than she really is, claiming to be "skinny as a needle."

"No one ever really asks are the paparazzi pictures fake, and do the paparazzi people do stuff to the pictures, and is the news really real?" Britney asked in the video.

"Yesterday I went swimming and look like I'm 40 pounds bigger than I am today. This is how I am right now and I'm skinny as a needle. You tell me, what is real?" she added.

Earlier this year, Britney spent time in a mental health facility, and following her release sources told People Magazine that the singer was still dealing with serious emotional issues and that she was working with doctors in order to ensure she was getting the proper care and medications that would work for her.

Fans can see more of Britney Spears' busy life, family, and her confusing cryptic posts by following the singer on all of her social media accounts.