July 7, 2019
Fitness Model Jen Selter Flaunts Booty In Bali

Fitness model Jen Selter has been tantalizing her followers on Instagram with steamy pictures of her physique in Bali, and she shared another double update of her adventures today.

She made the most of the naturally gorgeous light that comes when the sun sets in her shots. In the first pic, she's posing in front of the deep blue water, which is broken up by little rock formations. She's wearing a one-piece swimsuit that flaunts all her assets in a major way. The suit is a thong style, and it places her curvy backside as the main focal point of the shot. The style of the suit leaves her back exposed, and she has a swimsuit coverup draped around her toned thighs.

Selter is barefoot in the picture with a pair of sunglasses as her only accessory, and has her hair pulled up in a messy bun on top of her head.

In the second shot, she's posing in almost the exact same way. The only difference is her hairstyle. For the second shot, she pulled her brunette locks into a low ponytail. She asked her followers in the caption which hairstyle they preferred.

Her followers loved the sexy update from her adventures in Bali, and the photos received over 222,000 likes in just nine hours.

Many fans couldn't seem to find the words to express how stunning Selter looked, and instead opted to share a string of emoji that expressed their opinions.

One fan even got a bit sassy about Selter's caption.

"Right, I'm sure everyone is looking at your hair," they said.

Another fan refused to answer.

"Girl, you look great, hair up or down," they said.

Selter's photos from Bali prove that she's doing her best to unwind and truly enjoy the time spent in the exotic locale.

According to the pictures she's shared, Selter has found the time to lounge pool side sipping coffee, to strut her stuff in a luxury locale while bringing her BlendJet along with her; and as today's picture proves, to enjoy some stunning sunsets.

Fans who can't help but be envious of Selter's curves are in luck. As a trainer for the Fitplan app, Selter has shared many of her secrets, including some key workouts to get those glutes in summer-ready shape.

Selter demonstrated a few moves for the app that help sculpt killer glutes, including glute bridges, fire hydrants, glute kickbacks, wall ball squats, and pulse squats.

Fans can also see snippets of Selter's workouts on her Instagram page, where she often shares videos showing some of her moves.