July 7, 2019
Demi Rose Mawby Spills Out Of Polka Dot Crop Top

After sharing a series of pictures of herself living it up in Ibiza, Spain, British bombshell Demi Rose Mawby is back in sunny California. She shared a super sexy video of herself over a week ago, on June 29, in which she was rocking a barely there gold bikini. Today, she shared a picture in which she's wearing another sultry outfit; and the picture has more of an artistic vibe than the shots she usually puts on Instagram.

In the image, Mawby is pictured wearing a pair of patterned underwear with minimal straps on the side that stretch over her curvy hips. The bottoms leave little to the imagination, and showcase her incredible hourglass figure.

Rather than pairing the bottoms with a bra or bikini top, she's opted to rock a crop top instead. Mawby's assets are on full display as she's pictured wearing a long-sleeve polka dot top that ties in the middle and exposes all of her toned stomach. The top can barely contain her cleavage, which is spilling out over the knot in the middle.

Mawby's hair fell around her shoulders in glossy curls in the picture, and her makeup is sultry and a little bit smoky. Though the pictures Mawby shares are normally in full color, this particular image has an artistic feel thanks to the black-and-white hue.

Her fans couldn't get enough of the shot, and the picture received over 256,000 likes in just five hours.

Though plenty of followers hit the like button, they seemed to be too busy drooling to share much in the comments. One fan simply said "so gorgeous," while another called her a "perfect goddess."

The brunette babe, who is from Birmingham, shared some secrets with Birmingham Live last year that will have fans intrigued. For the beauty, it seems that good relationships start slowly.

She sent two illuminating tweets on May 3, 2018, in which she expressed her thoughts on dating and relationships.

"FYI as a girl I've always hated being approached by guys trying to get my number. I've never given it away and always felt really intimidated. I like things to happen naturally," she admitted.

She clarified her statement when a fan asked what she meant by the word "naturally."

"Naturally as in the right environment, not coming across too strong and letting me lead almost rather than it being pushed all upon me. I don't want to get told about how I look, I'll get the hint that they think that's all I have to offer. Best relationships start as friends."