July 7, 2019
Tyra Banks Bursts Out Of Blue Swimsuit

When Tyra Banks recently posed for Sports Illustrated, over 20 years since she first graced the cover of the publication as a young rising star model, she shared countless shots on Instagram. She shared the cover, huge pictures from the inside the issue, and much more, proudly flaunting her body for all her followers. The Inquisitr reported on Banks' starring role in the publication's summer 2019 double issue and shared a shot of Banks in a particularly scandalous swimsuit that left very little to the imagination.

Banks recently posted an altered version of herself rocking that same swimsuit where the focus was entirely on her physique. In other shots of the model in the spicy suit, her wavy hair blowing in the wind and stunning face was visible. In the shot she shared today, the view is a close up of her body — super close up. While a bit of her hair is visible in the top corner of the photo, the focus is on her body, and even the background has been changed — rather than a beach in the background, fans can see a patterned backdrop.

Banks decided to drop some wisdom with the photo and explain why it is that she loved the high cut style of suit. As she said in the caption, the particular style that many associates with a more retro vibe actually helps to elongate the leg, and thus make any woman's physique look overall longer and leaner. While many models rock bikini bottoms that tie low on the hips, Banks' sexy shot proves that the '80s knew how to style a swimsuit.

The most tantalizing element of the suit is the top portion. Rather than having narrow straps that stretch over the shoulders, the suit has narrow straps that start from the waist and simply go over the entire chest area. The straps cover very little, and Banks has her hands placed strategically to keep things a bit less scandalous — but still majorly sexy.

Her assets are definitely ample in the photo, and fans absolutely loved the second look at the swimsuit. Within just an hour, the photo received over 13,500 likes. It seems the photo was taken from a graphic designer, @babegrafik. The Instagram user commented on the post, thanking Banks for sharing, and the artist's page is filled with stunning models rocking swimwear or lingerie in front of interesting graphic backgrounds that have been added to the original images.

Many fans commented simply with a string of emoji, but several couldn't help but articulate their appreciation.

One follower commented "baby girl what are you doing to me."

Another paid the legend a compliment that had nothing to do with appearance.

"Tyra, you're my inspiration and my force! I've been looking up to you since I was 12 and I love you so incredible much. Just thank you. For everything you did, are doing, and for everything you are!!!"