July 7, 2019
'Jessie' Stars Cameron Boyce & Karan Brar: Inside The TV Brothers' Real-Life Friendship

Cameron Boyce and Karan Brar played brothers on TV, but in real life, their brotherhood was far from fictional. Offscreen, the 20-year-old Jessie co-stars were best friends and had recently moved into a new apartment together with a third famous roommate.

In May, Camron Boyce moved in with best friend Karan Brar and Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything co-star Sophie Reynolds, according to a post on Brar's Instagram, which said, "Oh and btw we're roommates now." Boyce also posted about his new living situation, comparing himself to Winston Schmidt from the Fox sitcom New Girl.

Cameron Boyce died in his sleep on Saturday night following an "ongoing medical condition" that resulted in a seizure, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. It is unclear if he died at his new home.

Boyce played Luke Ross for four seasons on the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie from 2011-2015, while Karan Brar played his brother, Ravi. In real life, the two actors had planned to stay in each others' lives forever. In January, Boyce posted a poignant birthday message to Karan Brar, writing that he couldn't picture his life without him. Cameron also wrote that someday his kids would be calling Karan "Uncle Kar."

In May, Karan Brar posted a return birthday message in which he described Cameron Boyce as "the greatest brother" he could have ever asked for. The caption was written under a photo of Boyce holding up a plate of pancakes with a birthday candle in them.

You can see Cameron Boyce and Karan Brar's Instagram posts about their friendship below.

On camera, the best friends' brotherhood went beyond the Jessie set. Last year, in an interview with the website Raw, Karan Brar admitted that he and his TV bro Cameron Boyce used to "prank" other Disney shows by spontaneously walking in on their sets.

"There's been plenty of times where we've interrupted other people's scenes, we've just walked in or something," Brar dished of him and Boyce. "Lab Rats was shooting right next door to [Jessie]. We knew a lot of the crew and they were just like, 'We'll throw you guys in the background!'"

Brar revealed that the other shows' casts thought the Jessie stars were extras.

"I don't think the cast knew, so me and Cam were just two extras walking by and they were like, 'What are y–what are you guys doing here?"
In what was a more serious side, fans know that in addition to being a popular actor, Cameron Boyce was an avid humanitarian and was very active with the non-profit global water awareness organization Thirst Project. According to CinemaBlend, last year, Boyce launched a campaign to raise money to build two wells in Swaziland. The campaign earned $27,000 and earned Boyce the Pioneering Spirit Award at Thirst Project's annual gala. Cameron's award was presented to him by his best friend Karan Brar alongside Descendants director/choreographer Kenny Ortega.

Karan Brar has not yet spoken out about Cameron Boyce's sudden passing.