July 7, 2019
Sofia Richie Dons Blue Bikini & Gives Off Major Skater Chick Vibes

Sofia Richie has been thrust into the spotlight ever since she started dating Scott Disick. But she's got a lot more going on than her relationship status, as her modeling career continues to grow. Sofia has been spotted doing photoshoots for Frankie's Bikinis before, and the backdrop was a convenience store. This time, fans can look forward to seeing photos taken inside an empty pool with palm trees in the backdrop. Skaters made their appearance here and there, and Richie played the part perfectly and exuded major skater girl vibes.

One of the images from the shoot showed her rocking a tie-dye, blue bikini. It had a halter-style top that cinched together with a tie. Her matching bottoms also had tie accents on the hips, and the model completed the look with a bright blue beanie. She wore a bright yellow scrunchie on her right wrist for another pop of color and gave a sultry look to the camera. Her makeup looked natural, as her skin glowed. Her eyeshadow was silver, while she wore pink lipstick.

Meanwhile, Richie's been keeping fans updated on some of her personal, daily life. This includes photos of her daily outfits, some of which have generated criticism about her allegedly wanting to look like the Kardashians. These comments are quite common for Sofia, who apparently is becoming more welcomed into the mix, as she still faces a lot of public scrutinies.

Sofia's also sharing some promotional posts here and there. One of her recent such posts promoted a beauty drink, which she appeared to sip for the photo. The model opted for an all-black outfit, with an off-the-shoulder top and funky earrings.

Previously, the model opened up to Grazia about her style and modeling career, giving fans an even closer glimpse at her life. In particular, she detailed one of the "wow" moments as a model.

"The time that I walked for Chanel. I couldn't really get a grip on that it was actually happening – it was such like a dream that I never really thought would be a reality. I think I almost fainted when I went to the fitting – it literally looked like I was walking into a Victoria's Secret casting. No one said a word to me, I just stood in a line and watched all these girls come out and they all looked terrified."
Sofia then went on to describe how she saw Karl sitting at the casting table and that she managed to make a joke that he overheard.