June 25, 2019
After Divorce Rumors, Camille Cosby Issues Statement Calling Bill 'One Of Our Greatest American Treasures'

Camille Cosby has released a forceful statement after her husband filed an appeal for his sexual assault conviction, calling Bill Cosby "one of our greatest American treasures" and insisting that his conviction was a miscarriage of justice -- a far cry from the divorce rumors the couple faced just a few months ago.

On Tuesday, the actor and comedian filed a lengthy appeal of his conviction saying that testimony from five other accusers was "strikingly dissimilar" to pending federal charges and should not have been allowed during his trial, CBS News reported. Cosby was sentenced to prison after being convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman and has been sentenced to a term of three to ten years in a Pennsylvania state prison. He has maintained his innocence and vowed to fight the conviction.

As Bill Cosby filed his appeal on Tuesday, his wife released a statement praising her husband and saying that his conviction was in error, the New York Daily News noted. She also called her husband "one of our greatest American treasures."

"This filing is an important step in ensuring that Mr. Cosby receives a hearing from a fair and impartial court. The Constitution guarantees that right to Mr. Cosby — and to all Americans — and he looks forward to securing justice in the court of appeal," Camille Cosby said through the family spokesman, Andrew Wyatt.

"America will be great when it fulfills the last four words of the revered Pledge of Allegiance, 'And justice for all.'"

Camille Cosby has remained publicly in her husband's corner throughout his legal ordeal and imprisonments, but reports from insiders say that Camille has refused to visit him in prison and has continued to privately distance herself from her husband. As Radar Online reported earlier this year, Bill Cosby's three daughters had already cut ties with him and Camille was starting to follow suit.

Bill's longtime wife was even looking into starting divorce proceedings, the insider shared.

"Camille is actively getting advice from several of the top divorce lawyers in the country," the unnamed source said. "It's only a matter of time before she files the papers."

The source went on to say that Camille Cosby has no desire to visit her husband in prison, and that the two shared only a few brief words during a phone call on their 55th wedding anniversary before Camille finally cut him off and hung up. The source said it was obvious to those around Camille that she no longer cares for her husband.