June 25, 2019
Kate Gosselin Fires Matchmaker Rachel DeAlto After Worst First Date Ever On 'Kate Plus Date'

Kate Gosselin went through a nasty breakup on the most recent episode of Kate Plus Date—with her matchmaker! The TLC star parted ways with relationship expert Rachel DeAlto after she was set up with the totally wrong guy on the date-themed realty show.

On the heels of a whirlwind date with the worldly Jeff, poor Andrew barely had a chance to score points with the mom of eight. After Kate's bowling/dinner date with Jeff, a travelin' man whom she really clicked with, the Kate Plus Date star played squash with Andrew, then squashed any hopes of a romance when she told him that they didn't have a connection.

During the awkward dinner portion of the date, Kate and Andrew had nothing to talk about, and lengthy silences ensued. Meanwhile, DeAlto, a lawyer turned relationship expert, was watching the whole date via hidden camera and she immediately picked up on Gosselin's bad body language and commented on it, according to Hollywood Life.

"Her hands are back in front of her face. She looks completely disinterested. Her body language is pretty much saying that."
DeAlto admitted she couldn't tell if Andrew was interested in Kate or not, but noted the whole thing was "awkward." The businessman later said he didn't think the long silences "affected the date either way," but Gosselin later told Kate Plus Date producers the whole experience was "painful."

After the "crazy awkward" date ended, Kate Gosselin fired Rachel DeAlto and said she was ready to work with a new matchmaker. DeAlto wasn't at all surprised and noted that it would be "safer" for Kate to work with someone else.

Rachel DeAlto later took to Instagram to tease her "breakup" with Kate, noting that such splits are usually "for the best." She also explained what she meant by saying it would be "safer" for Kate to work with someone new after that disastrous date with Andrew.

"I meant that it's safer to start over than to go deeper with me. My clients know that I will continue to push them outside of their comfort zone."

DeAlto, who is known for her role as an expert on Lifetime'sMarried at First Sight, will be followed up by relationship expert Adam LoDolce as Kate Gosselin continues to navigate the dating scene in a speed dating format on Kate Plus Date.

You can see part of Kate Gosselin's cringe-worthy date with Andrew in the Kate Plus Date teaser below.

Kate Plus Date airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC.