June 25, 2019
Spencer Pratt Calls Estranged Sister Stephanie 'Fake As Hell' While Live-Tweeting 'The Hills' Premiere

Spencer Pratt is not on speaking terms with his sister Stephanie, but he had some words for her on Twitter while watching her on The Hills: New Beginnings premiere. The MTV star, who returned for the revival of the iconic reality show alongside his wife Heidi Montag, pal Brody Jenner, and more, live-tweeted during the premiere of the reboot, and he took aim at his estranged sister in his commentary, People reports.

Pratt shared a series of memes throwing shade at Stephanie and poking fun at their strained relationship. While some of Spencer's tweets were funny, he called out his sister's on-and-off, phony British accent in one especially biting comment.

"Stephanie and her accent have a lot in common… they're both fake as hell."
Pratt also wrote that he "can't wait to reconnect" with Stephanie.
"Just make sure you stay 20 feet away at all time."
The formerly close siblings have reportedly been estranged for more than eight years. On The Hills: New Beginnings premiere, Stephanie, who relocated to London for six years, explained that she returned to L.A to try to reconnect with her brother and get to know his toddler son, Gunner. But based on Spencer's assessment of his relationship with Stephanie, it doesn't sound like they will be having a happy family reunion anytime soon.
Stephanie, who appeared in the British reality shows Made in Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother, previously told Entertainment Tonight that she developed an accent while living in London for six years, and she noted that her British influence becomes amplified when she drinks.

"I know I'm going to get destroyed for my accent, " she admitted.

While Stephanie Pratt did not respond directly to her brother Spencer's sarcastic tweets, she made her own live commentary on her Instagram story as The Hills premiere aired on MTV. Stephanie later engaged in a heated confrontation with Spencer and Heidi as they appeared via satellite on The Hills aftershow.

According to TooFab, Stephanie explained that she lived in London and "didn't really have a relationship" with Spencer or his wife but was still shocked to hear about the birth of their first baby via a tabloid. Stephanie said she was "hurt" that Spencer didn't tell him about his son's birth personally but instead waited to announce it on her birthday, which was not even the day baby Gunner was born.

Spencer Pratt also had a sarcastic response when asked about reuniting with his sister in Los Angeles.

The Hills veteran said, "I'm so thankful Stephanie moved back from London, she is such a treat and it's so awesome."

Stephanie Pratt fired back to say that Heidi and Spencer are "both full of sh*t and you'll see it all series long."

Stephanie Pratt has already announced that she's done with L.A. Ahead of The Hills: New Beginnings premiere, Stephanie took to Twitter to write that her number one rule is to "quit before you become resentful."

"LA, thanks for the past 8 months. London, I'm coming home and I will never leave you again. Home is where the heart is," The Hills star wrote.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.