June 25, 2019
Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital' For Monday: Shiloh Gains The Upper Hand

Things are about to get ugly in the courtroom on General Hospital this week. Monday's episode proved to be both good and bad for Willow Tait. She was left in a pickle as she tried to get away from the anxious parents on the last day of school. While she was expecting this to be her last day ever teaching at the school, things began to look up. Principal Schultz walked in and told her that she could have her job back, but things weren't looking so good back in the courtroom.

Willow was supposed to be at the hearing sitting next to Diane. She was warned that it was imperative that she be on time, if not super-early, but things didn't go as planned. Thanks to the parents who were anxious to share the good news with Willow, she was late getting there. Now Shiloh seems to have gained the upper hand in his quest in finding his son. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Chase will be arresting someone on Tuesday's episode, and it is likely his girlfriend.

The judge ruled in favor of Shiloh and he also ordered Willow to divulge all information on the child that she gave up for adoption. Shiloh, of course, had his smug look on his face, while Willow was shocked and upset. The previews for Tuesday reveal Willow saying, "You want me to say it? I'll say it."

Will she spill any details like the judge ordered her to? That is likely not going to happen. In fact, it looks like she is ready to lash out and refuse to reveal anything at all about Wiley's adoption. She will do anything to protect her son from his father, even if it means getting arrested. That could also put her newly reinstated job at the school in jeopardy again.

This baby switch storyline has been at the center of General Hospital for months now. Ever since Brad found out that Willow was Wiley's mother, he has been scrambling to protect his secret. Now he is having medical issues because it is eating away at him. Everyone is fighting to keep Wiley from Shiloh, but he knows that it's totally unnecessary because Shiloh isn't his dad. Willow is unknowingly fighting for Michael's child, not hers. It's all on the verge of blowing up soon.

Tune in to General Hospital on Tuesday to see what Willow will do and say in front of the judge.