May 5, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Monday: Robert & Laura Together Again

Monday's General Hospital will have two old friends reuniting once again. Robert Scorpio is back in Port Charles for an indefinite amount of time. Viewers are thrilled that he has stuck around a bit longer this time. Laura has come a long way over the years. These two have had a history together. Not in the romantic sense, but they have had some adventurous times in the past. Now the two old friends will be back together this week.

For those longtime General Hospital viewers, having Robert and Laura see each other again will be like taking a step back in time. As seen in the previews that were shown on Friday, these two meet up at Kelly's on Monday's episode. Soap Central teases that they will have a happy reunion when they see each other. However, there may just be more to it than that. Robert will ask Laura to accompany him to the Nurses Ball.

Laura is without a date since Kevin is out being a fake boyfriend to Ava Jerome. He will have his new girl on his arm. Robert hasn't appeared to have had a relationship for a long time. His work with the WSB puts him in a difficult spot when it comes to romance. Of course, he may just have another reason for being alone all this time.

From the way Robert has been acting lately after Finn told him that he was planning on proposing to Anna, it seems to indicate that maybe he isn't completely over his ex. Robert and Anna share a daughter and they have quite a romantic past together. That ship has sailed long ago, but they have remained good friends. Now that it looks like Anna's heart belongs to someone else, it appears that old feelings are unexpectedly coming to the forefront.

It could be that Robert wants to make Anna jealous, or he could genuinely just want to spend some time with an old friend. Back in 1981, Robert tagged along on Luke and Laura's ice princess adventure that started the whole rivalry with the Cassadine family. The trio saved the world, and especially Port Charles, from being iced over.

It looks like Robert and Laura will be planning a new adventure soon. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps say that those two will pair up to track down Ryan Chamberlain. Robert may be the perfect man for the job.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Laura says yes to Robert's proposal.