May 5, 2019
Kevin McCarthy Blasts Jerry Nadler, Defends William Barr

In response to accusations against William Barr, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is accusing Democrat Jerry Nadler of lying, The Hill reports.

During a press briefing, McCarthy shifted focus away from Barr, describing him as "very transparent," and suggesting that the public focuses on House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler instead.

"I do not believe Attorney General Barr lied; I believe he's been very transparent in all of this. I think if people are looking at who has lied in the process, simply look at Chairman Nadler."
A staunch ally of President Donald trump, Kevin McCarthy accused Nadler of "wanting to impeach the day after the election," suggesting that the House Judiciary Chairman had purposely changed the rules to allow staff attorneys, and not just lawmakers, to question William Barr.

"Chairman Nadler asked the attorney general to come and he said yes. After the attorney general said he would come to the committee, to speak to every member, they moved to change the rules," the Republican politician said.

Partisan bickering over Attorney General William Barr's testimony comes as no surprise given that the Democrats have repeatedly accused the top lawyer of lying to protect President Trump. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, virtually every single Democrat has called on Barr to resign.

According to top Democrats, Barr acted like Donald Trump's personal attorney, instead of acting like the country's chief lawyer. According to them, Barr "mischaracterized" Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report, misleading the public about its conclusions pertaining to obstruction of justice.

Robert Mueller cleared Trump and members of his campaign of conspiracy with the Russian government, refusing to weigh in on obstruction of justice. Following the Justice Department's guidelines, Mueller refused to charge President Trump with a crime, laying out in his report a number of instances that are now being interpreted as attempts to obstruct the investigation.

According to Mueller, Trump attempted to obstruct justice, but failed because his aides refused to carry out orders. In his report, the special counsel's office alleged that Trump asked then-White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller. McGahn denied the request, possibly saving President Trump from committing an impeachable crime.

The Democratic Party has now shifted its attention to Robert Mueller, and remains focused on making him testify before Congress. A former colleague of Robert Mueller's, prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, predicted in a recent interview that the special counsel will be "forthcoming" in his testimony, and possibly reveal that Donald Trump obstructed justice.