Oprah Winfrey Sticks Up For Meghan Markle, Says The Duchess Is Being Treated 'Unfairly' By The Press

Patricia Grannum

Meghan Markle has got Oprah Winfrey in her corner. During an interview on CBS This Morning, the legendary talk show host and media mogul spoke in defense of the Duchess of Sussex and said that she's being treated "unfairly" by the media.

"I think she's being portrayed unfairly, and I feel that if people really knew her they would know that she is not only everything we perceive of her in being graceful and dynamic in holding that position, but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart," Winfrey said as reported by People Magazine.

With this statement, Winfrey joins a growing list of celebrities who have defended Meghan against the onslaught of negative press and tabloid rumors that have come with her new role. George Clooney has done the same as well as a group of celebrity friends who gave an anonymous tell-all to People refuting many of the disparaging claims that have been made against the former actress.

Winfrey went to on to confirm that despite the overwhelming amount of tabloid and social media chatter about her life, Meghan really doesn't read any press coverage about herself.

Although she had a successful lifestyle blog and large Instagram following before she was engaged to Prince Harry, during a panel discussion for the Queen's Commonwealth Trust on International Women's Day last month, Meghan revealed that she does not look at social media now.

"My personal decision is to not to feed into negativity and be more cause-driven, action-based," she said, as reported by The Cut.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Harry said he sought help at age 28 when he realized his life was in "total chaos." He revealed that he felt on the verge of "complete breakdowns" multiple times before he received counseling and said that those sessions with a mental health professional helped him immensely.

"I know there is huge merit in talking about your issues and the only thing about keeping it quiet is that it's only ever going to make it worse," he said.