May 11, 2015
Bo Derek: Aging Isn't For 'Sissies' As Actress At 58 Goes From 'Perfect 10' To 'Sharknado' [Video]

Bo Derek, at 58, is ready to voice her views on aging. And the actress famed for starring in the movie about life as a Perfect 10 is making it clear that she feels women, especially, need a tough-as-nails skin when it comes to getting older, reported the Daily Mail.

In 1979, a toned, tanned Bo Derek transformed the world's requirements for a perfect 10. But she was 23-years-old when she co-starred in that comedy-romance with Dudley Moore, and in the years that have passed since that iconic role, Bo feels that her own definition of beauty has definitely changed.

What else has changed? Her vision of aging. And getting older isn't for those who are timid, according to Bo.

"I realize how artificial it is, beauty, I realize that it doesn't last forever, that's for damn sure. Aging is really hard, and it's tough. Bette Davis was right; it's not for sissies, it really isn't."
As for resorting to plastic surgery, Bo feels frustrated with the expectations and pressure.
"And there is a certain expectation," she contended. "I get credit on one hand for not having had a facelift, and then on the other hand it's, 'Oh my God, why doesn't she do something?'"

Will Bo have cosmetic surgery or fillers? At this point, she's still equivocating.

"You're just torn," she admitted. "I just have to keep busy, have other interests, and try not to think about it."

Her words echo those of Halle Berry who, at 48, compares those pushing plastic surgery to drug dealers pushing crack, as the Inquisitr reported.

"Somebody is always suggesting it to me. 'You know if you just did a little bit of this and that, lift this up, then this would be a little bit better.' It's almost like crack that people are trying to push on you. That's what I feel like."
But for Bo, as with Halle, staying true to herself means focusing on acting rather than worrying about her appearance, although of a very different kind. Up next for Bo: Taking on the role of Tara Reid's mother in Sharknado 3.
"It wasn't really acting," jokes Bo. "But being on a set - I love the business, I love the film business. And it's always been good to me."

She's had quite a life since those scandalous days when she shocked everyone by having an affair with John Derek, who was then married to Linda Evans. Bo was only 17-years-old.

"My mom went ballistic, she went crazy. But you know, when you are 17, you think you know everything. You think you have it together."
But their love survived more than two decades. After John passed away following a heart attack in 1998, Bo subsequently went through the pain of losing her true love.

Now, however, the 58-year-old actress lives with actor John Corbett. They have a ranch in California with four horses and have been together for more than 10 years.

As for whether Bo feels she made the right choices, the actress who redefined a Perfect 10 feels that she does, she told CBS News.

"Not in terms of being a star, not in terms of winning an award. But I had a blast. And anything I wanted to do, someone would finance."
And she has no regrets, added Bo. Perhaps, she muses, that's the key to aging happily.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Hollywood Pantages]