March 11, 2019
Colton Underwood Teases Whether 'Bachelor' Fans Will Get A Status Update On His Virginity

Colton Underwood's virginity has been a major focus of The Bachelor this season. It's been mentioned dozens of times and fans were anxious to see whether Colton's status would change after his overnight dates. Viewers were left hanging on several fronts with last week's shows and Underwood played coy when asked about his virginity during the "Women Tell All" special. Now he's being asked again and teasing whether or not people will ever get a clear answer.

ET Online talked with Colton a while back after the filming of the "WTA." From the sounds of things, he was full of jokes but continued to dance around giving a real answer on this particular topic. The outlet noted that Underwood remained a virgin throughout his overnight dates, but have things progressed since then?

Underwood joked that he didn't know if The Bachelor fans would ever find out if he ended his reality television experience remaining a virgin. He teased that he might reveal the answer in a matter of days or years, or perhaps never. Colton also teased that an answer may emerge as the two-night finale plays out.

"I mean, the story isn't over yet, so there's still a few more episodes for the story to play out. I don't know [if viewers will find out if I'm still a virgin on the show]. I haven't seen [it]."
Obviously, Colton himself knows whether or not there was anything juicy on this front to reveal during one of these last two episodes. However, his joking about not knowing the answer falls in line with how he's played coy about whether or not he's with anyone or engaged.
"I'm right there with you. I'm living it with you, so I'm really eager to find out if I'm still a virgin or not."
Plenty of Bachelor spoilers regarding other aspects of the ending to Underwood's season have been floating around. Viewers will learn whether or not those spoilers are right as Monday and Tuesday's episodes play out and fans may feel as if they'll be able to figure out the answer to the big virginity question when they get live updates from Colton toward the end of this finale.

From the sounds of things, there will be a lot for viewers to buzz about as this season finally ends. Will Colton Underwood be able to get away from the virginity question once and for all, and will he give in and confirm his status just to put it behind him now? The Bachelor spoilers tease that there's still plenty of drama on the way before this journey wraps and people can't wait to see how it all ends.