March 11, 2019
Celebrity Medium Tyler Henry Foresees How Many Children Lala Kent Will Have

Lala Kent had been eager to meet with clairvoyant medium and TV personality Tyler Henry for quite some time, and the Vanderpump Rules star finally had the opportunity to sit down with him.

In the episode of the show Hollywood Medium, which will air next Thursday, Henry predicts that she will end up with three children overall, though he adds that he doesn't see her birthing all three of them, the celebrity medium says in the clip shared by E! Online.

"I saw a three, and you don't strike me as someone who would have three children," he tells the 28-year-old reality TV star.

He goes on to say that he sees her having one biological child. At this point, Kent interjects to add her own point of view regarding the matter. She says that the clairvoyant's prediction is very interesting because her fiancé Randall Emmett has two children, whom she cares for as if they were her own, she explains.

"You know what's so crazy?.. The person I'm with right now, he has two girls that I basically love like they're my own, so that would make so much sense," she told Henry.

According to a previous report by Page Six, Kent filmed the episode back in August 2018, about four months after the death of her father, Kent Burningham.

According to the E! Online report, Kent wanted to have a reading with Tyler because she needed to feel a connection with her father.

"Today is something that I've been looking forward to and very much needed," she told Tyler before the reading started.

In a confessional interview a little later, she explains that she had suffered a very significant loss in the previous months, though she didn't disclose the identity of or her relationship with the person.

"It makes me angry that I don't have him anymore," she says, wiping away tears. "I just need to feel a connection."

During the reading, the 23-year-old clairvoyant picks up a watch that had been sitting next to Kent for the duration of their chat up to this point, which he explains is a request of the spirits, as per the E! Online report. He explains that the person he is communication with has a strong relationship with the clock. The spirit says, through Henry, that he had not been able to say everything he wanted to say to the people he wanted to say it to.

At this point, Kent discloses that she thinks it is her father who is communicating with them.