March 11, 2019
'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' Coming To Netflix Over The Holidays

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby! Netflix announced on Monday morning that their hit holiday film franchise A Christmas Prince is getting a third installment, and this one will introduce a new member of the royal family. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is set to hit the streaming service over the 2019 holiday season.

The announcement came via a clever tweet from the official Netflix account, according to E! News. The streaming service shared a black-and-white ultrasound photo showing a growing baby with a distinct crown in its head. The ultrasound photo was pinned to a blue and snowy background with the phrase, "Baby makes 3. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby this holiday season."

"Some personal news..." the caption cleverly read.

The original film, A Christmas Prince, follows magazine journalist Amber Moore (played by Rose McIver) as she's sent abroad to Aldovia to find the inside scoop on Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), who is soon poised to be king following his father's death. Amber goes undercover as a tutor to get close to Richard -- and falls in love. Along the way, Amber learns the truth about the prince's kind personality, very much unlike the negative rumors circulating about him. In addition, she discovers who is truly next in line for the throne. The Netflix original was a hit over the 2017 holiday season.

Fans last saw Amber and Richard over the 2018 holiday season in A Royal Wedding, the sequel. This film detailed Amber's road to royal life as she prepared to walk down the aisle with her prince, People reported.

The franchise closely follows the path that real-life British royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are following. Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child in about a month. When the original film was released, Meghan and Harry had just confirmed their engagement, and the sequel arrived six months after their wedding at St. George's Chapel in May of 2018.

While there is not much information available on the third installment just yet, a source did tell Entertainment Tonight that it will be shot in Romania -- at the castle where the previous films took place.

Fans in Romania noticed last week that Peles Castle was already decorated for Christmas, an unusual occurrence in the middle of March. Photos of the beautiful castle show a large, elaborate Christmas tree sitting outside, adorned with lavish ornaments.

Filming dates are set for Monday, March 11, and Tuesday, March 12, when the castle is typically closed to visitors. Many scenes will reportedly be shot on the castle's beautiful terrace.