March 11, 2019
'The Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Said Colton Underwood Was 'Done' After Cassie's Stunning Exit

The host of The Bachelor Chris Harrison revealed in a new interview with Good Morning America that Colton Underwood was "done" and ready to leave the series after the abrupt exit of Cassie Randolph as the show headed into its Fantasy Suite dates; hence the now-infamous fence jump of the season.

Good Morning America spoke to Harrison where he revealed some new context as to what happened that fateful night.

"He was emotional, upset, pi**ed off, mad at production, mad at me, mad at himself, mad at Cassie. Everything was just pouring out of him," he added. "And he was done. We knew he cared about Cassie. But I never understood the depths of his love and commitment, and that she was the one."

Harrison also cited a "miscommunication" and added that the show was only there to facilitate him finding love. Harrison told GMA that he was worried that Underwood wouldn't propose to anyone once Cassie departed the series and the Fantasy Suite episode, a mainstay of the series, would be in jeopardy because the one woman Underwood wanted to share his night with had exited.

The show host and producer also needed to explain to the remaining women in the competition, Tayshia and Hannah G., Underwood's disappearance and that Cassie had left. They were unaware of what had transpired.
GMA noted that critics of the series have accused Underwood of continuing to lead the other women on when he knew in his heart that Cassie was the one. Cassie, in turn, has been accused on social media of the same thing. Fans were irate that if she had any doubts, she should have expressed them earlier in the competition instead of waiting for the final days to flee the show.
Some fans were also angry that an adult woman let her father sway her growing feelings for a man she was clearly falling for. Fans were also angry that her father barged in on what would have been a turning point for the couple had they gone through with their Fantasy Suite date.

"Is Cassie incapable of making her own decisions? Colton deserves someone that loves him sorry," said one fan on Twitter in response to the controversy surrounding the March 4 episode.

"I think she is letting her father influence her too much and she needs to stand up for herself and what she believes! Her father just showing up made it worse!" said another.

The two-part finale of The Bachelor begins tonight on ABC.