March 11, 2019
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dak Prescott's New Contract Will Pay Him Elite QB Money

The Dallas Cowboys know that Dak Prescott is their quarterback and will be for many years to come, but they need to make sure he isn't going anywhere. His long-term contract extension is going to come as Jerry Jones isn't going to let his young signal-caller venture out and talk to other teams. As talks regarding a new contract have already started, it appears as if Prescott is going to have pay that is among the elite quarterbacks of the NFL.

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Prescott's agent Todd France met with the Cowboys at last week's NFL Scouting Combine to get contract talks going. Just a day after those talks started, Jerry Jones said he would still take his quarterback with the number one overall pick if he was in the 2019 NFL Draft.

"Yes. If the Dallas Cowboys had the first pick and Dak Prescott was out here in the draft, knowing what I know today, we took him in the fourth, of course, seeing what he is so far as a player for three years. Now I'd want what I know today, which is after three years of watching him play, having said that, I think there is that value in him as a player, which gives you an idea of what we think of him for the future. But he would be our No. 1 pick if he were there today and we and we needed a quarterback."
While Jones would take his QB over any of the college prospects in this year's draft, Prescott isn't going to take rookie money. Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones states that the team wants to get this deal done in the offseason before the final year of his rookie contract begins.

Dallas is prepared to pay heavily for Prescott and it is expected to be somewhere around $27-30 million per season.

Jerry and Stephen Jones are both expecting Dak Prescott to negotiate for that kind of money and they understand it too. He's started every single game for the Cowboys in the last three years, and he's led them to a great deal of success.

Comparing that amount of money to the elite quarterbacks of the NFL, Prescott is going to be in pretty good company. When looking at the salaries from 2018, the young signal-caller really can't complain about those around him.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo - $42.6 million
  • Matthew Stafford - $26.5 million
  • Derek Carr - $25 million
  • Drew Brees - $24 million
Dak Prescott's numbers have stayed steady in many categories and improved over his three NFL seasons in others. He's led the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs in two of his three seasons and that includes a Wild Card victory in the 2018 season as well. It's no surprise that the team wants to sign him for a long-term extension and he is on his way to being an elite quarterback in stats and money.