February 28, 2019
John David And Abbie Duggar Dish About Their Frosty Honeymoon In Finland

Newlyweds John David and Abbie Duggar are still flying high after their November wedding. They have been spending time getting used to married life, and it looks like they are enjoying every minute of it. The lovebirds are currently taking another honeymoon, but this time they are packing up their winter coats for a chilly trip to Finland.

According to Us Weekly, John and Abbie took some time out from all the fun they are having to gush about their second honeymoon destination, and about each other. The blushing new bride explained in a short clip that was posted by TLC that they took a mini-getaway to someplace warm right after their nuptials on November 3. However, she said that she actually prefers the cold weather, so she and her new husband hopped on a plane and traveled to Finland for this new adventure.

The 29-year-old Duggar son said that they were heading out to Lapland in hopes to catch the amazing Northern Lights. It looks like Abbie will get her wish for as much cold, wintry weather as she can handle. According to Visit Finland, Lapland is "as close as reality gets to those who dream of a winter wonderland."

Abbie may just like it a bit more than John David does, but he seems to be up to the challenge of trekking through the snow with the love of his life. What is one thing that John loves most about their trip to Finland? His answer probably won't surprise Duggar fans at all, as it has to do with his wife.

"The one thing I will never forget about this trip is how much Abbie loves me."
That made Abbie giggle. They sealed it with a kiss as the camera rolled. John thanked fans at the end of the honeymoon video for supporting their family throughout the years. Many Duggar fans have watched them since the 19 Kids and Counting days. Now half the kids have grown and are having children of their own, and they are still on the air. He also mentioned that he is excited for the journey ahead with Abbie.

The new season of Counting On has shown John David proposing to Abbie in the airplane hangar in Oklahoma. There is more ahead as the twosome will be gearing up for their big day, including wedding dress shopping and figuring out the unique venue location for the reception.

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