February 28, 2019
Bryce Harper Will Grace The Cover Of 'MLB The Show 19'

The last couple of weeks have been rather nerve-wracking for MLB fans, with rampant speculation and rumors surrounding outfielder Bryce Harper. Up until today, it was unclear as to which team Harper would join, with rumors mostly focusing on a potential deal with either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Philadelphia Phillies.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, the former free agent recently signed a contract with the Phillies, which will net the 26-year-old player a hefty $330 million over the span of 13 years, as confirmed by The New York Times. This record-breaking deal outranks the $325 million, 13-year contract that Giancarlo Stanton accepted with the Miami Marlins back in 2014.

While Harper's contract might have set some new records -- in terms of most expensive MLB contracts -- he is still outshined on a per annum basis. Each year, Bryce will average just shy of $25.4 million, which comes in under Arizona Diamondbacks player Zack Greinke ($34.4 million) and Colorado Rockies infielder Nolan Arenado ($33.5 million).

Aside from his record-setting contract, Bryce Harper has also finalized another aspect of his MLB career -- what he will be wearing on the cover of Sony's MLB The Show 19.

As reported by Polygon, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE San Diego Studio (the development team behind MLB The Show 19), and Bryce Harper have settled on the final look for the upcoming baseball game's front cover.

As Polygon notes, it's been a few months since Sony revealed that six-time All-Star Bryce Harper would be gracing the front cover of MLB The Show 19, although his choice of outfit had been up in the air due to his free agency status. Now that Harper has signed a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, Sony has confirmed that Bryce will be rocking red pinstripes on the game's front cover. This last minute finalization of artwork is a rather peculiar situation -- typically, promotional material and images are settled on months in advance, in order to allow the PR machine to effectively promote an upcoming release.
While MLB The Show 19 will feature up-to-date rosters of current lineups, the game will also allow players to relive (and rewrite) some of baseball's most memorable moments, as detailed on the Sony's official PlayStation blog.

"Have you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to be at bat in a historical baseball moment? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite player clashed with a legendary Hall-of-Famer? If you were holding the bat in a critical situation with the season on the line, would things have gone differently? Step into the cleats of Babe Ruth and call your shot. Can you hit father-son back-to-back home runs as Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr.? Can you set the Major League strikeout record as Nolan Ryan? Answer these questions through the new online Moments feature and earn your way to exclusive rewards in MLB The Show 19."

MLB The Show 19 is set to launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 26.