February 28, 2019
David Arquette Suffered A Heart Attack Before Returning To Wrestling

Actor David Arquette might have gotten involved in wrestling again, but that doesn't mean his family likes it. David's sister Patricia says that before returning to the ring, her younger brother suffered a heart attack, and so she worries about him even more than before.

Page Six says that David, 47, the youngest Arquette, had a heart attack before returning to the wrestling ring last year, which makes the family anxious. Patricia says that when he was younger, David was a champion, but after the health crisis, she wasn't so sure about returning to the sport.

"He was the world champion of wrestling many, many years ago, so this is a revival of his wrestling career. He started wrestling again and it is scary. I mean, he's older now. He had a heart attack and now he's wrestling."
Patricia explains that she can no longer watch David wrestle because, after the heart attack, it's too scary. In one of his first matches of 2018, the youngest Arquette ended up in the hospital for an injury, but it luckily wasn't his heart. After that match, the wrestling enthusiast says he was hesitant to jump back into the sport.
"I knew it was violent and potentially bloody, but I truly did not know the extent of what I was participating in. However, I take responsibility for putting myself in that situation."
People Magazine says that Patricia Arquette went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to say that she's really hoping David gets over the wrestling bug fast. She explains that he took more than a 15-year break, winning his last championship in 2000, and he needs to realize that there is a difference between being in your 20s and your 40s.

Patricia's worst fears were realized when David participated in a Death Match in November and cut his neck close to his jugular vein and got an infection afterward.

"I'm lucky to be alive. If I had been cut in the jugular, I probably wouldn't be here right now."
Arquette is very matter of fact when talking about the injury, but it was very bloody as he was cut with a fluorescent light tube across his neck, and admits after watching the tape that it was "gruesome."

But David says that despite Patricia's concern, he will wrestle again because he loves it. He does confirm he won't be participating in a Death Match again as he realizes that it's much too risky for a father of three.