February 28, 2019
New 'Southern Charm' Court Docs In Thomas Ravenel Civil Case Shows The Nanny Means Business

The Southern Charm civil case filed by Nanny Dawn against Thomas Ravenel and the network behind the series is progressing. Earlier this week, the lawyers for the nanny filed a lengthy document which details all of their allegations and the civil case including complaints and the relief they are seeking.

Lawyer Ryan C. Andrews of the Charleston law firm of Cobb, Dill & Hammett updated his court filing to allege that while Ravenel is the person who assaulted his client, there was also recklessness and careless behavior on behalf of the network and corporate entities behind the Bravo show Southern Charm.

Throughout the 20-page filing, the words "careless and reckless" appear over and over again in reference to alcohol and substance abuse, particularly on behalf of Ravenel.

"That in or about January 2015, upon Defendant Ravenel's return to Defendant Ravenel's Residence, Plaintiff (Nanny Dawn) was the victim of an unwanted careless and reckless physical act and the hands of Defendant Ravenel."
It continues to allege that the former South Carolina State treasurer attempted to rip away and remove the nanny's clothing as she fought back.

But the lawsuit continues to say that Bravo (called the "Corporate Defendant") and its representatives should have known of Ravenel's "propensity" to engage in such behavior as he was in their employ at the time of the reported sexual assault.

Read The Case Filing Here Against Thomas Ravenel & Bravo

The suit continues to seemingly hold Ravenel, Southern Charm producer Chaz Morgan, and Bravo employee Aaron Rothman responsible for the behavior that was engaged in, tolerated, and sometimes encouraged on the set of a series about "Lost Boys," referencing the book Peter Pan.

Nanny Dawn says that she was physically and emotionally harmed by Ravenel and further humiliated as Morgan and Rothman were notified of the event, allegedly investigated, and yet did nothing. She adds that Ravenel routinely defamed and disparaged herself and cast member Kathryn Dennis, and things accelerated after the alleged assault.

Ryan Andrews says that after Nanny Dawn went to the police, the defamation by all defendants worsened yet again.

"That all Defendants were carelessly and recklessly at fault for the publication of these false and defamatory misrepresentations about Plaintiff, and Defendants made these statements with actual and/or implied malice."
The State says that Nanny Dawn is seeking relief for physical, mental, and emotional damage that she alleges was inflicted upon her by Ravenel and the corporate defendants.

The former Ravenel family nanny is also going forward with criminal charges against the ex-Southern Charm cast member. According to FitsNews, the defendant was informed last week of the state's intention to raise the charges to first-degree sexual and physical assault against Nanny Dawn if he doesn't accept a plea deal over the next seven weeks.

At the end of this time, if a plea deal is not reached, a criminal trial will be scheduled, and Ravenel could face up to 10 years behind bars in state prison.