February 28, 2019
Jonas Brothers Tour In The Works For 2019? Reunion & First Single Make Fans Wonder

Fans are going crazy after the Jonas Brothers deleted all their posts, put their social media accounts on blackout, and have a new single coming out Friday, according to Us Weekly.

Early Thursday morning amid speculation and rumors that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together, all of their social media sites went blackout. Old posts were deleted and profile pictures replaced with black nothingness, leaving behind an empty black hole to be filled with new and exciting content regarding their upcoming release.

According to People, the rumors that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together started after their Instagram account was reactivated January 2018. A few insiders made claims, the brothers liked a few comments about a possible reunion, and it was even floated that the new band name would be called JONAS, but there was nothing concrete or official.

After more than a year of silence from the brothers about a possible reunion, many fans started to give up hope that it was ever going to happen.

But then fans woke up Thursday morning to all of the Jonas Brothers' accounts on blackout and Us Weekly dropping an article about an exclusive interview with an anonymous source close to the brothers confirming the upcoming release of a new single on Friday. You better believe the hype is real.

With the hashtag #JONASBROTHERSBLACKOUT trending on Twitter, fans are posting memes, videos, and comments laden with emotion and enthusiasm for the reunion.

"the jonas brothers are really coming back... this is real life... IM ACTUALLY IN TEARS. ive [sic] waited for so long for moent [sic]. what the F**K," said one user.

"IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE," said another.


"gonna regress to my 7 year old state of being," said one of the more amusing fans.

Jonas Brothers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

Now that fans are convinced a reunion is a sure thing and a song is going to drop on Friday, the new speculation is if a JONAS tour is going to happen. Fans are clamoring to know where and when the rumored tour is going to be, with lots of speculation being floated by fans.

"Jonas Brothers opening up for Taylor this tour. That's why they're being so secretive right now," suggested one follower.

Many have also made some bold statements regarding their dedication to attend the rumored tour, no matter what.

"me drafting my resignation letter to follow the jonas brothers around on tour," announced one fan.

While there still hasn't been any confirmation by any of the Jonas Brothers or their representatives regarding the reunion, the single, or a possible tour, fans are certain that it's happening. According to the comments on Twitter, they're also willing to quit jobs, drain banks accounts, leave their spouses, abandon adulthood to become preteens, and take other extraordinary measures to show their fandom if JONAS does make it official.