February 2, 2019
Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her World-Famous Derriere, Strips Down To See-Through Stockings & Sports Bra

Perhaps the most well-known woman in the world, Kim Kardashian is certainly no stranger to turning heads on social media and in various television appearances. The reality TV mogul and cosmetics queen is sending hearts racing and pulses pounded with her latest share to popular social media platform Instagram. However, where she is stirring up a lot of interest in her new fragrance line.

In this particular image, Kim can be seen striking a rather dramatic pose while lightly sitting on the edge of an oversized candy heart prop -- one which reads "Wifey" in large print, in resemblance to the popular Sweethearts treat. The reality TV starlet has opted to wear only a brazenly white sports bra on her upper torso, one which leaves her flat stomach and enviable figure on full display. For her lower half, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress has chosen to don a long pair of sheer white stockings, leaving very little to the imagination. Beneath these, in order to protect her modesty, Kim elected to wear a pair of high-cut bikini-style panties, revealing her world-famous hips and derriere in the process.

The curvaceous celebrity was backgrounded by a simple beige-yellow backdrop, one which served both to blend in with the foreground as well as to allow dramatic details to pop off of the photographic frame.

She finished the classy yet seductive getup off with a strappy pair of silver heels, endless locks of platinum blonde hair, peach-hued eyeshadow, and a nude lip. It's clear that Kim Kardashian pulled out all of the stops in producing an arresting aesthetic for the ages.

It appears that her millions of fans and followers also appreciated the KKW Fragrance promotional post, awarding Kim over 550,000 likes and 4,000-plus comments in extremely short order. Largely complimentary in nature, most of the comments left were in support of both the photo and the product line she was pushing.

One user wrote, "looking like a snack," while another Instagram fan quipped, "perfect everything."

Kim Kardashian has been making headlines most recently as she -- and other Instagram influencers -- come under fire for promoting "unsafe" products, per MTV. Britain's National Health Service (NHS) is allegedly seeking to "take action" against Instagram influencers who are pushing items such as diet pills, detox teas, and appetite suppressing treats -- calling for the platforms themselves to "ban irresponsible and unsafe adverts" for "health products."

Whether or not the platforms will listen to the NHS -- and whether or not Kim Kardashian and others will see this as a threat to their income streams -- remains yet to be seen.