January 24, 2019
'Ex On The Beach' Star Chad Johnson Claims Farrah Abraham Treats Him 'Like Her Assistant'

Former Bachelorette star Chad Johnson and former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham recently filmed MTV's Ex on the Beach in Malibu together, and Johnson revealed that Abraham did not treat him like her co-star.

According to an Us Weekly report, Johnson said that Abraham, 27, treated him like her assistant while they were together filming the new reality TV show.

"Farrah's just Farrah and she can kind of go off sometimes and lose it a little bit. You know, she forgets that she's not talking to her assistant," the 31-year-old reality TV villain explained.

However, Johnson didn't allow the one-time Teen Mom OG star to get away with treating him that way.

"So I think that when you remind her, like, 'Hey, I'm an adult, you're an adult,' you kind of put her in her place a little bit, you know, check her basically, she chills out. When you're talking to her in a regular environment, like, she's cool. We would be sitting next to each other in bed talking, talking about books, super cool girl," he revealed.

The pair stars on Season 2 of Ex on the Beach, which became a hit show for MTV in its first season. The new season of the show airs on the network at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday nights.

While Abraham's ex, Simon Saran, appeared on the show, Johnson's ex hasn't made her debut, but he told fans to stay tuned. Recently, Johnson and former The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson were spotted in Los Angeles on a date, but Wilkinson isn't ready to get serious again after her split with her husband Hank Baskett last April

As for Abraham, she's starting a potentially lucrative new venture as a sex therapist, according to an Inquisitr report. The adult film star plans to offer half-hour sessions of what she calls "Farrahpy" for $5,000 a pop. She believes that her life and various endeavors qualify her to give others sex therapy. While trained sex therapists expressed concerns about the reality TV start referring to her sessions as therapy, they did seem to think she could give advice even if it isn't the type of information they would provide to their patients.

"I think that it's awesome that she wants to give out advice, but I'm wary of calling it therapy," sex therapist Donna Oriowo said.

In all, despite treating her Ex on the Beach co-star as her assistant, it sounds like Abraham manages to continue finding success since her beginning as a teenage mother.