January 24, 2019
Donny Osmond Involved In Car Crash In Utah

Donny Osmond encountered a dangerous situation while driving in snowy weather in Utah. The 61-year-old former teen idol found himself face to face with a tree while navigating the slippery roads in his home state earlier this week, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Heavy snowfall in Utah resulted in a whopping 234 car crashes across the state as of 9 p.m. in one day alone, including the Broadway star's run-in with a tree as he drove his white SUV. The roads became so treacherous that day that Utah drivers were told to avoid the roads if possible.

Donny Osmond posted to Twitter to show fans he was not injured in the wreck. The singer captioned a pic of him posing with a worker outside of a local collision center with "It's snowing like crazy here in Utah, and guess who decided to hit a tree? Luckily no one was hurt."

The post received more than 500 comments, with concerned fans expressing relief that the star was not injured. Others asked Donny if he should be driving so soon after having surgery and advised him to leave the driving to some else.

Indeed, Donny Osmond's car crash is his second mishap this month, according to Closer Weekly. The father of five sons and Dancing With the Stars mirrorball champion is still recovering from shoulder surgery after an injury sustained in a "dancing accident." Earlier this month, Osmond, who is getting ready to drop his 62nd career album, admitted that writing music five days after shoulder surgery was a bit harder than he thought. The singer posted a photo showing his arm in a sling as he attempted to play the piano during his music session.

Donny Osmond has been making a lot of headlines lately — and not just because this month also marked the 42nd anniversary of Donny & Marie, his iconic 1970s variety show with his famous sister. Osmond is the top-predicted celebrity to be behind the Peacock mask on the wild Fox celebrity singing show The Masked Singer.

As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Donny Osmond's own sister may have spoiled his identity on the show during an interview on Access Live. When asked if the Masked Singer rumors about Donny were true, Marie revealed she spoke with her big brother about it and asked, "Why are you giving away such easy clues?" Marie Osmond declined to confirm if Donny is indeed the popular masked Peacock, later backpedaling and saying she and her brother started their careers out on the Peacock Network, NBC.