January 24, 2019
Hilaria Baldwin Shares Adorable Pic Of Baby Romeo At 36-Weeks-Old, Reveals His First Words

Hilaria Baldwin is a proud mother-of-four who couldn't be more invested in her kids' wellbeing and education. The 35-year-old Spanish actress and fitness guru has recently taken her brood to the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey exhibit to immerse 5-year-old Carmen, 3-year-old Rafael, 2-year-old Leonardo, and 7-month-old Romeo in an interactive educational adventure, per a pervious report from the Inquisitr.

The happy mom even shared a lovely photo of Carmen, Rafael, and Leonardo taken at the exhibit, which she posted on Instagram on Monday.

While Hilaria often posts candid photos of her four kids, which she shares with 60-year-old Saturday Night Live star Alec Baldwin, her latest Instagram post is a solo snap of the couple's youngest, baby Romeo.

In the new snapshot, baby Romeo steals the spotlight as he's pictured standing upright on the stairs — with a little help from mommy.

Born on May 17, 2018, the pair's third son and fourth child, Romeo Alejandro David, just turned 36-weeks-old, Hilaria announced in the photo caption. The adorable Instagram pic shows him clad in a dark aquamarine onesie designed by nature-inspired baby clothing company Oliver & Rain, which she made sure to tag in her Instagram post.

At 36-weeks-old, little Romeo is already a heartbreaker, as the flood of "Likes" and comments clearly show.

"Romeo is totally gorgeous!" wrote one fan, while another called him a "bonbon." One fan even wrote, "Me tiene loca Romeo," which translates as "I'm crazy about Romeo."

Hilaria's followers also commented on baby Romeo's cute apparel and asked whether the little one had green or hazel colored eyes.

Though fans didn't hesitate to shower baby Romeo with love and compliments, none was more enthusiastic than momma Hilaria, who gushed with pride over her newborn. The new mommy took this opportunity to reveal that baby Romeo has already started saying his first words and specified that they're both in English and Spanish.

According to her Instagram post, 36-week-old Romeo is quite proficient at saying simple words such as "mama," "dada," "hola," "hi," and "bye." Hilaria told her fans that baby Romeo greets her every morning with "hola mama" as soon as he wakes up. Moreover, the proud mommy revealed that he said "hola dada" for the very first time today.

Her Instagram followers were quick to show their praise and seemed genuinely impressed by baby Romeo's lexical prowess, which they deemed advanced for his age.

"What a doll. My daughter didn't start talking until she was 14 months. But she had no siblings and I think that could make a difference," wrote one fan, while many others called baby Romeo a "supergenius."

"Talking under [the age of] one is so rare! You seem to have a baby genius on your hands!" wrote one follower.

Given Hilaria's Spanish heritage, it makes perfect sense that her and Alec's children speak both English and Spanish. In fact, a fan praised the family for teaching their kids both languages, saying, "I love that they are bilingual."

In addition, the fans begged Hilaria to follow-up with a video of baby Romeo uttering his first few words: "That is ADORABLE!! Please post a video of him saying that!"