January 24, 2019
Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Sam Saves Jason, Sonny Worries For Mike, & Franco Bonds With Aiden

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday's show tease that fans have a lot of great stuff to check out in this episode. Wednesday's show ended with Jason in trouble and Sam determined to save him, and this emergency is said to lead to some very romantic moments that "JaSam" fans have been anxious to see for some time now.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Sam will rescue Jason and take him back to her place. They'll be wet and cold, so they'll take some time to sit by the fireplace and reflect on this latest adventure of theirs. Viewers will have to tune in to see if it plays out fully during Thursday's episode or perhaps carries over into Friday's, but Sam and Jason will finally make love after all this time apart.

The sneak peek for Thursday's episode posted on Twitter teases that not only is there great stuff with Jason and Sam coming, but major developments with other storylines will play out as well. Mike recently had a scary incident with Sonny and Carly at home, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will finally force himself to accept that it's time for a change.

As Sonny talks with someone about what they need to do next, Mike will have a conversation with Stella. He'll talk about someone getting married, and it seems likely that he's having another period of intense confusion here. As Sonny works to accept that Mike needs more help than he can provide, General Hospital spoilers share that Curtis will approach Marcus and seemingly share his thoughts on these complicated dynamics.

Both Elizabeth and Franco are anxious to help Aiden, but neither one has had much success in figuring out what's bothering the boy so much. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco will mention a plan of some sort to Jake, but Jake won't be impressed. She Knows Soaps notes that Franco and Aiden will spend time together baking cookies again, but it looks like there is a way to go before the young boy is feeling confident at school again.

Oscar and Josslyn will both be trying to cope with the aftermath of their frightening experience in the catacombs as well as the heartbreak of what lies ahead. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Joss will be apologizing to someone and Oscar will open up to his mom Kim about not wanting to have any regrets.

Will Oscar overcome this dire diagnosis? Will Jason and Sam be fully reunited after this week? General Hospital spoilers hint that the next few weeks will be packed with exciting episodes, and fans won't want to miss any of the action on the way.