January 24, 2019
Ellen DeGeneres Offers To Set Debra Messing Up After She Says She Didn't Go On One Date Last Year

Ellen DeGeneres can now add matchmaker to her impressive resume.

The talk show host recently sat down with Will & Grace star Debra Messing, and the two chatted about Messing's love life -- or lack thereof. The actress was previously married to Daniel Zelman from 2000 to 2016, but during her appearance on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, per YouTube, she shared that her love life hasn't really amounted to much since that relationship ended.

During the segment, Messing mentioned to Ellen that one of her new year's resolutions from 2018 was to date. However, she didn't really live out that particular resolution -- and confessed to Ellen that she didn't date at all last year.

"No one has asked me on a date," Messing told DeGeneres. "Not one."

DeGeneres told Messing that she should perhaps hang out with some of her single friends to try and meet someone, and then offered to help set Messing up with a stand-up guy. And the actress then told Ellen that there are three qualities that she would ascribe to an ideal partner.

"Really smart, really funny, cares about the world. That third one is really tricky!"
Messing told DeGeneres that she doesn't care if her potential suitor works in the showbiz industry, but confessed that she would prefer if he didn't. Additionally, she told Ellen that she is open to dating a wide-range of ages -- and that either someone 10 years her junior or 10 years her senior would be acceptable.And it also helps that Messing's 14-year-old son, Roman Zelman, is fully on board with his mother dating someone new. In fact, the actress said that her son is "begging" her to go out on a date. Most recently, the actress attended the Golden Globe Awards to promote her hit show, Will & Grace.

According to People, the 50-year-old joked that the show has never won an award at the Golden Globes. This year, the show wasn't even nominated, something that interviewer Giuliana Rancic didn't even realize until Messing told her.

"We've never won. So we drink. Because at the Golden Globes that's what you do, you drink... I get to sit there and relax."
However, Messing did earn a nod for best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy -- despite the show itself not getting nominated this year.

"I'm feeling just overwhelmed," Messing shared. "I'm so grateful. The idea that we shot the pilot 21 years ago and I'm nominated for the same character — I mean, it's just hard to wrap my mind around. I'm just really grateful to be here."

Will & Grace airs Thursday evenings on NBC.