January 12, 2019
Tom Sizemore Arrested After Police Find Drugs In His Car

Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has been arrested again, this time for drug possession. In the past, Sizemore, best known for his role in the hit movie, Saving Private Ryan, has been in trouble with the law for domestic violence and other issues involving drugs and alcohol.

Radar Online says that Tom Sizemore was arrested in Burbank last Saturday when police pulled his car over for one missing license plate and another which was expired. The police log indicated that after a search, drugs were found in the car.

"Consent search of vehicle revealed various illegal narcotics."

Police reportedly found methamphetamine and heroin, and Burbank Police arrested the passenger in the car also for possession of narcotics. Both men made bail and were released.

Sgt. Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department confirmed that upon searching Sizemore's Mercedes, drugs and drug paraphernalia was found.

"Police officers ultimately searched the vehicle and located illegal drugs suspected of being methamphetamine and heroin. There was also drug paraphernalia found in the car."

Tom Sizemore has had a drug problem for more than a decade and was seen on television with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the VH1 show, Celebrity Rehab.

Sgt. Derek Green confirmed the name of the man arrested along with Sizemore.

"The investigation led to the arrests of both Sizemore and the passenger, who was identified as Kevin Oberlin, a 46-year-old man from Woodland Hills. Both Sizemore and Oberlin were booked into the Burbank City Jail for possession of illegal drugs. Both were released from custody after posting bond. The case is pending review by the Burbank City Attorney's Office."

Tom Sizemore has had a troubled past with the police and also with the movie industry, as he is known for being difficult on and off the set for the duration of his career. But a particularly disturbing story from the set of the film, Born Killers, in 2003 stood out and cost Sizemore many jobs after that point.

On the film set, Sizemore was accused by the parents of a child actor of molesting their 11-year-old daughter on location in Utah. The family did not want to press charges, but they wanted the actor removed from the set in order for their child to continue filming.

A dozen cast and crew members confirm that an incident occurred on the film set, and Sizemore was sent back to California to shoot the rest of his part later.