January 12, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers Indicate Kristina's Infatuation With Shiloh Worries Sam And Alexis

Kristina seems to be in over her head on General Hospital with her new life at the Dawn Of Day house that she is now living in. The one person who she says has turned her life around just happens to also be involved with others in Port Charles. This all seems quite fishy when it comes to Shiloh and his harem of faithful followers.

The new General Hospital preview clip that was recently posted on the ABC site reveals that this situation concerning Kristina has her mother and sister starting to worry. Alexis and Sam meet up at Charlie's Pub on Monday's episode to have a chat. Alexis just recently learned that her middle daughter just moved out of her older sister's house and into this new place that has her raving about its occupants, especially Shiloh, aka Hank.

Jason and Sam were quite surprised that the guy who was looking for Drew, and who was calling himself Hank, is the same man that Kristina has moved in with. Not only that, but he is also the son of one of the men that Sam was married to long ago and had swindled him out of money. This guy sure gets around.

Sam is convinced that he is the one who is sending her those emails. They also confronted Shiloh on Friday on the docks. He insisted that he didn't know anything about who Sam was and he didn't know anything about the emails.

Sam believes that it is too much of a coincidence that he now has her sister living with him. That is a big worry for her, and now Alexis will be in the same boat. Sam will warn her mom that she is more than worried about Kristina's infatuation with Shiloh.

No one yet knows what this guy's game is. He claims he is someone from Drew Cain's past. He credits him for saving his life, which is why he is now living his life helping other people. Most General Hospital fans are convinced that he is the leader of a cult and it sure seems that way. But it's also gearing toward something even bigger.

Kristina is in the middle of all of this and it could be because of Sam that she is in this mess. General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 21 has Shiloh turning on the charm, as SheKnows Soaps teases, but there is no indication yet on who it is that will be on the receiving end of that.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more hints in the coming weeks on what Shiloh's real agenda is.