January 12, 2019
The 'One Day At A Time' Season 3 Trailer Is Finally Here

In 2017, Netflix released its remake of the popular '70s family sitcom One Day at a Time. The reimagined series was well-received in its first two seasons and has since been renewed for a third season, which will premiere on February 8, according to a report from Vulture.

The series now follows the Alvarez family, a Cuban-American family headed by single mom Penelope Alvarez, who is an Army veteran played by Justina Machado. Penelope lives with her two kids, Elena played by Isabella Gómez and Alex played by Marcel Ruiz, and her uber-Cuban mother Lydia played by Rita Moreno. The family has formed a tight bond with the owner of their building, Schneider, who is constantly dropping by and trying to help out whenever he can. Throughout the series, viewers follow each member of the family on their own unique journey and the show has managed to tackle important issues, including immigration, mental illness, homophobia, and racism.

Based on the recently released trailer, it seems Season 3 will feature several well-known guest stars, including Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz, who currently play Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Gloria Estefan will also make a guest appearance on the series, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly. Estefan will be playing the role of Mirtha, Lydia's estranged younger sister.

"To play Rita's younger sister? What a great opportunity," Estefan said about her new role. "To me, she's an idol. I've been watching her career my whole life."

The trailer also shows Elena trying to decide what to call her non-binary beau, Alex picking up a new smoking habit, and Penelope dipping her feet back into the dating pool.

At the end of the day, it's all about family for the Alvarez bunch and it seems that familial bond is what keeps fans coming back to the show. While chatting with TV Insider, Machado was asked about the thing she hears most during interaction with fans and she responded with the following.
"The family dynamic. No matter what the person's ethnicity, they always say it reminds them of their own family. That's so awesome to me. It's a universal story told through a Latino lens."
"Your struggle is my struggle — our show is uniting people, because it's a show about love, it's a show about respect, it's a show about compassion, it's a show about communication," Machado told NBC News.

One Day at a Time premieres on Netflix on February 8.