January 12, 2019
China's Top Expert In AI Predicts That In Just 15 Years Half Of All Jobs Will Be Performed By Technology

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, who is China's top expert in artificial intelligence, has made the chilling claim that within just 15 years, AI will be performing half of all jobs in the world. Having written the book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, Lee knows a thing or two about AI, and has stated, "People aren't really fully aware of the effect AI will have on their jobs."

As the Daily Mail reports, Dr. Lee explained that the world is currently undergoing a massive transition in employment which is "akin to that faced by farmers during the industrial revolution." With 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence, Lee is adamant that people today need to be fully aware of the many changes that will be affecting their careers within the next 15 years, and it is his goal to "warn people there is displacement coming, and to tell them how they can start retraining."

On the plus side, because AI is not accustomed to dealing with things that are not structured, nor can it act "exactly like humans," there are many jobs that will not be harmed by the advent of this cutting edge technology. For instance, careers as psychiatrists and social workers will most likely be safe in the future. Because as intelligent as AI may be, as Dr. Lee notes, "AI is powerful and adaptable, but it can't do everything that humans do."

However, there are a large number of jobs that will become obsolete in the coming years and which will be affected by AI, especially those involving telemarketing and telesales, according to Dr. Lee.

"You've probably already received robo-calls, but future calls will be more natural. AI can use customer profiles, past purchases, and emotional recognition to find ways to appeal to them - even using a soothing female voice or a persuasive male voice."
Besides these roles, Dr. Lee has also advised that other customer service roles, along with warehouse jobs, will almost certainly be replaced by AI within 15 years. In fact, if you are involved in marketing or work as an insurance adjuster, a truck driver, a security guard, a radiologist, a fruit picker, a bookkeeper or even a sports journalist, your days may be numbered.

If, on the other hand, you are a medical caregiver, a therapist, an engineer or researcher, a teacher, a criminal defense attorney or a scientist, you are probably safe from the threat of AI.

Because of the growing role that AI will have in all of our lives, Dr. Lee has suggested that education will need to change radically in the future and that it will need to be "more individualistic, and more empathetic."