January 12, 2019
Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Deep Cleavage, Nearly Bounces Out Of Scanty Lace Minidress

American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski is perhaps one of the most famous figures in the contemporary fashion industry, having walked for designers such as Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace over the course of her ascendant career. There seems to be no ceiling to her fame, or her beauty, as she continues to command the attention of millions each and every time that she shares another sensual picture or video to Instagram.

In this particular Instagram clip, Emily can be seen strutting her stuff on the catwalk for Donatella Versace -- if the caption is to be believed. Wearing a scanty little black dress which leaves little to the imagination, the svelte supermodel assumes an air of absolute confidence as she struts her way down the thrust. As she power-walks, her ample cleavage nearly finds itself bouncing free of the scanty garment -- years of practice and poise seemingly the only force keeping her from suffering a wardrobe malfunction. The I Feel Pretty actress almost makes it look easy, however, despite her aggressive gait.

Her long, lean legs are clad in dark stockings, slimming them even further. Brassy accessories are abound in Emily's ensemble -- ranging from long, dangling earrings to a pair of bangles, as well as a chunky choker. The same golden metal is represented in the chain of a cute black clutch which the supermodel has strapped about her body, the strap resting between her breasts.

Emily Ratajkowski's makeup is fierce, with bold winged eyeliner being applied liberally and a glossy nude lipstick adding volume to her already plump lips. Her signature chestnut tresses are tied back in a severe ponytail, adding a cool and edgy element to the overall look.

It appears that Emily's enormous fan base quite appreciated the short video clip, with over 160,000 Instagram users offering a like to the footage mere moments after it had been posted. More than 1,300 of her most ardent admirers took the time to leave a little note in the comments section, with most of the messages being complimentary in nature.

One user wrote, "The pony toss is unreal," while another cracked a joke, quipping, "This is exactly how I walk to the bathroom after I get the code from the Starbucks barista."

As the Daily Mail notes, this particular look was captured as Emily walked the Versace show in Milan this Saturday, January 12. She was joined by fellow supermodel Bella Hadid, and both women wowed the audience in attendance.