January 12, 2019
Kelly Brook Blames 'Really Big Boobs' For Intense Back Pain

Kelly Brook shocked fans recently when she reveals that her famous 34FF bosom has been the cause of some serious medical issues.

The 39-year-old British model, who is well-known for her kicking curves, has admitted to suffering under the weight of her busty chest.

According to multiple media outlets, Kelly revealed during an interview with Closer Magazine that her recent weight gain had caused her bust size to increase to the point of causing her an unbearable amount of pain.

"My boobs are really big and that put pressure on my frame. I ended up at the chiropractor," the brunette bombshell explained.

As those who follow the calendar model and TV personality know, she recently opened up about her struggles with weight loss. According to the Mirror, Kelly's weight skyrocketed last year after she let her eating habits get away from her.

After reaching a size 16, she noticed her photos did not look the same as before. To avoid harassment and fat-shaming from the media, the model began altering her photos to make herself appear slimmer.

While editing her photos bought her some time in terms of keeping her weight out of the public eye, Brook's personal health and comfort soon made the excess pounds harder to ignore once the weight of her chest started causing excruciating back pain.

In just a few months, Kelly was able to drop 15 pounds and a whopping four inches off her waist. The actress has also officially gone down to a slim and sassy size twelve, which has helped reduce the size of her chest.

Slimmer and healthier, Kelly is also now a spokesperson for SlimFast. Brook admits the product – in addition to traditional diet and exercise – was instrumental in her weight loss journey.

Kelly also recently horrified fans when she said that her health and career were not the only motivations behind her decision to lose weight. The popular TV personality revealed to The Sun that fat-shaming at the hands of her long-time boyfriend and fellow model, Jeremy Parisi, also fueled her fire to slim down.

"My boyfriend said I looked like a little balloon. It wasn't just trolls, it was him as well," Brook explained

Kelly has been vocal recently about how she is hopeful that Jeremy will propose soon and after four failed engagements in the past, she hopes this will be the one to stick. Unfortunately, it seems as though Kelly telling the world about his recent "fat shaming" comments could potentially give him cold feet.

In recent piece published on the Mirror, Kelly told reporters that she keeps dropping hints and giving him options about possible wedding locations.

"I keep giving him lots of options. Everywhere we go I'm like 'oh this would be a lovely place to get married' and he says 'oh you say that about every hotel we go to.'" She explained.

The couple has been together since 2015 and Kelly remains hopeful that they will get engaged soon. However, she does admit to understanding the future is unknown.