January 12, 2019
Kelly Brook Bares It All In Bubble Bath Instagram Snapshot

Kelly Brook turned up the heat for her 1 million Instagram followers as she shared a steamy snapshot of herself striking a sultry pose while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

The model's Instagram followers were buzzing with excitement earlier this week when the 39-year-old shared a nude photo of herself relaxing in a white bathtub filled with bubbles.

Taken while looking down at her, the photo featured Kelly soaking in a white bathtub with her leg and hand posed in a very suggestive manner. The brunette bombshell was careful to keep all of her more intimate assets covered with the excessive amount of bubbles in the tub.

She still managed to give her followers an eyeful of her toned legs and the curves of her busty torso could also be made out under the bubbles. She finished the look with a stylish chunky necklace and had her hair wrapped in a starch white towel.

Despite enjoying a bubble bath, the actress still rocked a nice layer of cosmetics. She highlighted her natural beauty with a dewy, glowing face with just a hint of bronzer with some neutral toned eyeshadow.

In the caption accompanying the post, Kelly wished her fans a good day.

"Happy Bubble Bath Day! Personally, I never need an excuse for a good soak in the tub."

She ended her caption with a promotional plug to a new bubble bath brand she was using.

Posted just three days ago, Brook's steamy snapshot has accumulated over 15,000 likes and over 100 comments.

While this seductive snap shows a lean and sexy Kelly, fans of the actress may notice there is a bit less of her to capture than before. As those who follow Brook know, she has recently lost a significant amount of weight after being taunted and bullied about her weight by her own boyfriend, Jeremy Parisi.

The actress lost 15 pounds and four inches of her waist in a matter of two months. The changes took her from a size 16 down to a 12. Elated with her weight loss, Brook hasn't been shy about flaunting her slimmer figure on Instagram.

According to a piece published in the Daily Mail, the actress started her weight loss plan back in October. Kelly says that pressure from the media and those around her made her feel self-conscious about her body. She admitted that after having to use photo editing software to keep up appearances she decided to make healthier changes.

"Suddenly I realised at aged 39, I was beyond my healthy BMI. My wardrobe had became very limited and I wasn't feeling at my best anymore," she explained

Brook also revealed she hopes that her personal hard work and success story of having achieved results through diet and exercise will help inspire and motivate people who have resolutions for weight loss.