January 4, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Drew Lashes Out At Julian, Kim And Alexis Face Off

Next week's General Hospital promises to be full of hurt and angry feelings in the wake of the breakup between Julian Jerome and Kim Nero. Their relationship was easy and uncomplicated until Oscar's health crisis came between them. That and the unexpected kiss Julian witnessed between Kim and Drew. Now it seems things got complicated real quick.

Julian took a step back when Oscar's cancer became Kim's top priority. She pushed him away in the beginning, but just recently began letting "Charlie" be a comfort to her when she needed it. However, there was always a strain between them with Drew always hovering nearby. Julian saw Kim and her ex kissing on New Year's Eve and decided to break up with her. Drew is not having it. In a preview clip for Monday's General Hospital that has been shared by ABC, he goes to Charlie's Pub to have it out with Julian.

He is angry that Julian chose now to break up with Kim since she is dealing with Oscar's trial and wondering if he will live or die. He storms in demanding some answers from Julian. Drew rants on to Julian on how he kept telling Kim that she could count on him and that he would be there for her.

He says, "Now that the trial is coming to an end and she is waiting to see if her son can survive the tumor that is killing him, it's just not working for you?"

Julian seems to not be bothered by what Drew says, but it's pretty obvious that he is angry about that kiss. However, he isn't backing down or apologizing for breaking up with Kim during this difficult time in her life. Right in the middle of the men's heated discussion, in walks Alexis. She overhears the end of their conversation. She will hear her ex say that he slept with someone else after he saw Kim with Drew.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will be heading off to see Kim after she realizes that Kim thinks that she is the other woman. She wants to set the record straight with her. Alexis certainly wasn't happy to hear that those two are no longer an item mainly because she doesn't trust herself around her ex-husband. Kim has always suspected that they have some unfinished feelings between them as well.

It's about to be a face off between the exes next week on General Hospital. Stay tuned to see if this will be the beginning of the reunion between Julian and Alexis.