January 4, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: The Ladies Of Port Charles Get A Lesson In Self-Defense

With a serial killer on the loose on General Hospital, everyone in Port Charles is on edge wondering who it could be. Ryan Chamberlain has been right under their noses and no one has a clue. However, a few of the PC residents will be preparing themselves just in case this person decides to strike again.

Ryan has killed three people so far with one of them being a major character on the ABC soap. Kiki Jerome likely tried to fight off her killer, but she, unfortunately, lost that battle. Now Detective Chase is doing all he can to make sure that the other women in town are as ready as they can be just in case they come face-to-face with the person who is on a killing spree. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that Chase will be teaching a class on self-defense in order to give these women extra protection if needed.

The previews shown for Friday's show teases that Elizabeth, Nina, Maxie, and Willow will be taking part in the self-defense class. There could be more who show up, but it appears that these four will definitely be serious about making sure they learn all they can to protect themselves.

General Hospital spoilers also spill that Liz will be talking to Willow Tait about Aiden once again. She is expected to follow up with the teacher on how her son is doing at school now that his cousin Charlotte apologized for bullying him. Of course with Nina being there as well, there may just be a bit of a rumble in the class. Nina has stood up for Charlotte to the point of what almost appears to be bullying Willow. She thinks her stepdaughter is pretty much perfect, so the overheard conversation between Liz and Willow could also include Nina's unneeded input as well.

If Nina starts in on Willow, that certainly won't sit well with Chase. He is smitten with the school teacher, so he may have to intervene between those two. He may have bitten off more than he can chew at his self-defense class.

Will any of these ladies have to use what they've learned on Friday? This could very well be a lead up to Ryan Chamberlain attacking one of them. If that should happen, hopefully, they will be able to fend him off and get away. That could very well be his undoing leading up to his identity being revealed.

For now, Ryan Chamberlain is still on the loose and running free in Port Charles. Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see who his next victim will be.