December 28, 2018
Sara Sampaio Poses With Her Head Covered As She Visits Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi

After leaving her fans jaw-dropped by posing completely nude for Maxim Magazine, Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio took to her Instagram account on Friday evening and shared a picture from her trip to the United Arab Emirates which left her fans jaw-dropped again -- this time because Sara covered herself up to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

In the picture, the 27-year-old model is featured standing in the corridor of the mosque, wearing a blue robe that covered her head as well as her original outfit. The robe is provided to visitors by mosque authorities to comply with the modest dress code of the place.

Sara struck a candid pose by turning her face towards her left side and praised the mosque for its beautiful architecture. Within a few hours of going live, the picture in question garnered more than 219,000 likes and close to 800 comments.

Although Sara was just one of the mosque's regular foreign visitors, the post stirred many controversial comments from her followers. While many bashed her for covering up and conforming to religious norms, others praised her for being open-minded and respectful toward local cultures and traditions. As it's commonly witnessed on online posts, many people also engaged in irrelevant religious debates with each other and sent Sara's comments section totally berserk. Many others, however, only focused on Sara's beauty as well as the mosque's exquisite Moorish and Mughal architecture.

The Portuguese model also shared more glimpses of her visit in her Instagram stories and, in an up-close footage of herself, she revealed how gorgeous she looks even without a trace of makeup on her face.

As seen in her stories, she also visited Louvre Abu Dhabi -- a museum that brings Arabic and French art and architecture under one roof. In one of the pictures, Sara was featured wearing a denim jacket with a black shirt underneath it. She pulled her hair into a tight high ponytail and kept it very simple by wearing no makeup at all once again to show off her flawless skin.

In terms of her beauty regimen and how she takes care of her health and fitness, the model has been very open about it and often shares her beauty and hair-care secrets with fans and followers. The model recently appeared in Elle magazine's "Waking Up With" segment, where different celebrities are featured to reveal their everyday morning routines.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Sara not only eats healthy but has also eliminated coffee from her diet, and admitted that quitting caffeine has helped her be less "jittery."
"I love to have a warm drink in the morning, but I don't drink coffee. I quit coffee three years ago now, I feel a lot better since I quit it. I have more energy. I really like how it makes me feel because I get a lot of anxiety."