December 28, 2018
WWE News: Seth Rollins Offers Roman Reigns Health Update

Ever since he announced his diagnosis with leukemia, Roman Reigns hasn't made very many public appearances and hasn't offered fans many updates on how he's doing with his road to recovery.

However, in a recent interview with Fox 2 News in Detroit (as transcribed by WrestleZone), Seth Rollins offered a brief update on his SHIELD brother's health status. While it's a bit vague in terms of Roman's actual progress, it's still nice to hear something.

The question on Roman's health actually came from a young fan named Nolan. He asked Rollins for a status update, and Rollins was happy to share a little.

"Roman's doing great. Obviously, he spent the holiday home with his family and he's doing really good. He's in a good position. He's primed to make a comeback, hopefully sometime sooner, rather than later, but at the end of the day he's just focused on getting healthy right now. I will say he's doing good, good spirits."
He mentioned Roman being "primed to make a comeback," so hopefully it won't be too long before Roman Reigns is able to make a full recovery from leukemia and get back to doing what he loves and what the fans love to hate him for.

In the interview, Seth was also asked about his plans for 2019, and while Seth didn't actually give anything away, he did let us know about his Royal Rumble aspirations. When asked if he'd like to win the Royal Rumble match, he said, "[Winning the Royal Rumble] sounds good, I'm not gonna lie."

He continued, "The Royal Rumble is coming up in Phoenix, later in January and then WrestleMania in New York City coming up in March-April. Who knows?"

Seth was also asked about his meteoric rise in the WWE. He said, "It's like any labor of love if you will. You're in it not for the money, not for the fame, but because you have a passion for it."

On that, he also said, "I've got opportunities over the years and I worked my way up. I've been with WWE now for over eight years and on television on Monday Night RAW for six years. It's been a blast for me: fifteen years in the wrestling business."

Roman Reigns was forced to relinquish the Universal Championship and leave the WWE on October 22, 2018. On that night, he revealed that he'd been battling leukemia for the last 11 years and that it had returned again after going into remission. He started treatment on October 19 -- three days before making his big announcement on an episode of Monday Night Raw.