December 28, 2018
Mueller's Team Obtained Nude Selfie, Per Indicted Russian Firm, & They Want To Know How Special Counsel Got It

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team are known for keeping a tight rein on their investigation, leaking virtually nothing about where things stand. An interesting tidbit has just emerged, and those following the case are both curious and hesitant to uncover further details about this aspect of the investigation. An indicted Russian company has made reference to a "nude selfie" that they believe Mueller's team has, but little else has been revealed about this potentially juicy piece of evidence.

Fox News breaks down some of the available details regarding this nude selfie that Mueller's team reportedly has. An attorney for the Russian firm Concord Management and Consulting LLC referenced this supposed selfie in a court filing it made on Thursday.

Concord is allegedly closely tied to Russia's Vladimir Putin and is said to be controlled by oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, a man called "Putin's chef," notes Politico. The allegations against the company are that they funded advertisements and internet trolls that served to boost Trump during the 2016 presidential election. They entered a plea of not guilty after being indicted.

The company's attorneys want information detailing how Mueller's team has acquired some of the information they've gathered during the investigation. However, the Justice Department has withheld information, saying that it is sensitive and could jeopardize national security, notes Vice News.

It seems that Concord's attorneys, in the paperwork filed this week, question this assertion by the Justice Department. In making their argument, they questioned whether the way the team collected a nude selfie could truly threaten the national security of the United States.

While the filing isn't solely about Mueller's team having acquired a nude selfie while obtaining information, that tidbit is generating a lot of buzz. At this point, no additional information is known detailing who took the picture, who is in the photo, how it connects to Mueller's probe, why Concord had it, or why the indicted firm is so worked up over it.

The filing alleged that the Special Counsel is holding back "millions of pages of non-classified discovery" from Concord and its attorneys. The company tried last August to get the charges in the case dismissed, but they lost that battle.

Mueller's team wants to discuss the evidence in question solely with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and not with Concord's legal team. The Special Counsel is resistant to sharing some of this evidence, details CNN, believing that doing so could give powerful foreigners sensitive information about investigative tactics and national security.

Naturally, people across social media are speculating about just who is featured in this nude selfie that has Concord's team worked up like this. There is no information available detailing that it is anybody particularly well-known or integral to this case, but there certainly seems to be something about it being in Mueller's possession that has the Russian defendants feeling exceedingly anxious.

It's easy to see why Mueller's team would want to keep classified material from getting into Prigozhin's hands, given his ties to Putin. However, as Concord's attorneys argue, they believe they need this information in order to build their defense. Who is shown in this potentially salacious nude selfie and how does it tie to the rest of the case? People sure want answers, but it's not clear whether they will be getting any.