December 28, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Week Of December 31 Brings Changes, Distractions, And Connections

Friday's episode of General Hospital left fans hanging with some juicy developments and spoilers suggest that there's great stuff coming up during the week of December 31. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Wednesday, January 2 to see the next new show, but some teasers are out revealing what everybody can expect.

Obviously, there will be a lot of buzz over the latest death in Port Charles. Ryan took care of the television producer who was on the verge of shaking up his scheme and Jason found the deceased producer as he was getting close to Sam at the charity gala.

According to She Knows Soaps, Jordan will lean on Curtis for some help as all of this plays out. Curtis is in a bad spot as this latest discovery is made, having been scheduled to meet the producer and instead finding signs of a struggle. However, it sounds as if Jordan and Curtis will be focusing on who would have the desire and motive to attack Mary Pat, Kiki, and Peyton.

Kristina has been struggling to find herself since returning to Port Charles and she was feeling especially self-conscious after planting a kiss on Valerie that wasn't well-received. The two shared an awkward glance at the charity gala, and General Hospital spoilers note that she'll start making changes in the week ahead.

Soap Central shares that Lulu will visit Ava and whatever the two discuss will have a significant impact on Ava. Lulu has published a piece suggesting that these recent Port Charles deaths are linked, and it may be that Ava will find some strength and determination in finding answers about Kiki's death if she learns more about what Lulu has discovered.

Mike's mental health has been significantly deteriorating and it's getting harder and harder for him to keep things straight. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will try to distract him in positive ways, but it sounds like viewers can expect Mike to struggle more and more each week.

Drew will apparently nudge Kim back in Julian's direction, but he won't realize that Julian saw the brief kiss he shared with Kim. General Hospital spoilers hint that Drew may open up to Curtis about all he's been going through lately and viewers will be curious to see what happens next in this Kim/Drew/Julian dynamic.

Lucy will be popping up during next Friday's episode and Lulu will be putting together some kind of event at Charlie's. "Kevin" will step up and lend support of some nature to Laura, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura will be appreciative of this gesture.

It sounds as if Sam will be rattled over something in the week ahead, but it's not clear whether that's connected to Jason, Sam, the mystery from her past, or something else. Additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge heading into these next new episodes and it looks like fans have a lot to look forward to as 2019 kicks off in Port Charles.