December 28, 2018
Did Scheana Marie Make James Kennedy Move All Of Her Stuff? She Fires Back At Editing On Twitter

Scheana Marie enlisted the help of James Kennedy on Sunday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 7, and he appeared to do all the work as she relocated from her West Hollywood apartment to a new place on the west side of Los Angeles.

After a fan took notice of her alleged lack of assistance when it came to moving her belongings, Scheana took it upon herself to fight back against the way in which Bravo TV chose to tell her story on the episode in question.

"I actually helped a lot!" she explained in a Twitter message. "I was out at the car most of the time organizing the boxes. You just didn't see that part. Lol. I'm not a complete a**hole."

In addition to appearing unhelpful on the episode, Scheana seemed to be using James for his help -- before taking aim at his behavior once the work was complete. On Twitter, Scheana didn't address the way in which she chose to confront her co-star about his mean treatment of the women on the show.

As fans saw on Sunday night, James Kennedy found himself in hot water with his boss at SUR Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump, after targeting the weight of Katie Maloney. James was ultimately fired.

During an interview with TooFab in November, Scheana Marie teased readers about what they would be seeing from her -- and the rest of the cast -- throughout the new episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 7.

"This I think is the best I've felt about a season since maybe the second one," Scheana explained to the outlet weeks ago, confirming that she's done a "180" in the months since the Season 6 reunion.

"Based on what I've filmed and just living my life, I think this will be much better… because I don't think it could get worse," she added.

During Season 6, Scheana was frequently made fun of due to her obsession with her ex-boyfriend, Robert Parks-Valletta.

Also during the interview, Scheana was asked which of her co-stars had the toughest time during filming on the seventh season.

"James," she replied. "I don't know how it's all gonna play out, but we're good [now]."

In addition to James Kennedy's firing, the reality star and DJ also faced allegations of cheating on the show. James denied all of these allegations.

To see more of Scheana Marie, James Kennedy, and their co-stars, don't miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 7. The show airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.