December 28, 2018
Kim Kardashian Slammed For Letting Daughter North Wear Red Lipstick

Kim Kardashian shared lots of adorable snaps of her family during the epic Kardashian-Jenner Christmas bash held at her and Kanye West's house this year, but there was one thing many online users criticized her for — the fact that her daughter was wearing bright red lipstick to the party.

According to the Daily Mail, the 38-year-old defended her decision to let North wear lipstick to the gathering, as it was a "special occasion." Photos from the night show the 5-year-old posing up a storm in a cute black outfit alongside her famous parents and siblings, Saint and Chicago, as she donned the bold lip color. But many of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's social media followers weren't having any of it, especially after Kim revealed she might be launching that very same lipstick shade soon.

When one Twitter fan branded North's look "iconic," Kim said her little girl was wearing the "Classic Red Lip" lipstick shade that she is planning to launch in the near future. The mother of three also said North had picked the color herself.

"She picked it though! It's a special occasion!"

And while many stood up for her, others were quick to slam Kim for "using her child" to promote her makeup products.

"Omg can't believe you put lipstick on your child to sell your products. Shameful is an understatement," "[Too] much for a kid let her be a little girl don't grow her up [too] fast she has plenty of time to be grown," "Anything to promote yourself!! You even use your daughter!! This is just sick!," and "How old is North? Is there nothing they won't do for money?" were just some of the things online users said.

However, others also pointed out that it was normal for little girls to dabble with their mother's makeup, and that it was up to Kim to decide whether to let her daughter play with her makeup or not.

"She is a cutie pie! All little girls like playing with their mamas lipstick. Ignore the haters. Your kids, your way, your choices," one Twitter user said.

Kim herself has discussed this in interviews, saying that while she lets North play with her makeup, she also wants to make sure that her daughter knows what's appropriate. The family looked positively joyful in the pictures from their special Christmas Eve bash, which was traditionally hosted by Kris Jenner in previous years, but moved to Kim and Kanye's this year as their property is bigger.