December 28, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Strikes Again

It looks like Ryan Chamberlain has claimed yet another victim on General Hospital this week. This will be his third time that he has killed someone in Port Charles and it doesn't look like anyone can stop him now. How long will he go before this serial killer is discovered to still be alive?

On Thursday's episode, Ryan met up with TV producer Peyton Mills in his very private makeshift studio. That was likely one fatal mistake. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Ryan claims another victim and this guy is likely one of them. Mills is finishing up the documentary of Ryan Chamberlain's trail of murders 25 years ago, but that isn't all. The producer has a theory that the serial killer really didn't die in the fire long ago and is still walking among them. Unfortunately for him, his theory is indeed correct.

Ryan said that he wanted to discuss some more ideas with him as he was seen shutting the studio door. The General Hospital previews for Friday teases that Ryan will be looking on Peyton's phone to see if anyone would be looking for him. That certainly suggests that he killed the man and may even place the body somewhere else to be found in another dramatic way just as he did with Mary Pat and Kiki Jerome.

General Hospital spoilers also says that Olivia will make some sort of discovery. Will she be the one to happen upon the most recent of Ryan's victims? Maybe this will rattle Ned enough to be more proactive in trying to find out who it is that is murdering the residents of Port Charles.

The documentary had Felicia spouting off about how Ryan deserved exactly what he got and that enraged him. He could be targeted her once again because of that showing. There is also Carly and Laura who are digging into what could be wrong with "Kevin." They will not stop trying to pinpoint why he is acting so strangely. It's only a matter of time before "Kevin" is discovered to actually be the killer they are hunting for and that he has been under their noses all this time.

Ava Jerome may eventually become a target as well if she begins to question his motives. If she gets even the least bit suspicious that "Kevin" had anything to do with Kiki's death, there is sure to be rage on her part. Many General Hospital fans are predicting that she will be the one who ends up killing Ryan Chamberlain.

With everyone in Port Charles celebrating the new year, it may be that 2019 will begin with a big bang. Keep watching General Hospital to see how long Ryan will continue on his murderous rampage.